PSN having outages as new PS4 owners log on

Firmware update puts strain on US and Canadian network


Sony’s PlayStation Network has shown signs of strain in the US and Canada as thousands of new PS4 owners logged on to download a firmware update and get their first taste of the new console.

As the system was launched at midnight last night across North America, users reported seeing the error numbers NW-31453-6 or NP-3500-8, accompanied by the message “The network connection has been lost.”

Traffic is expected to increase as more and more customers bring the machine home during regular shopping hours. Although the system automatically begins downloading the firmware 1.50 in the background as soon as it is connected, users are also able to download the patch from to a USB key and update the machine that way, instead. If that fails, customers are able to contact Sony as a last resort and request a Blu-ray containing the necessary information.




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