Blitz closure a ‘bitter blow’ to British games industry, claims TIGA

UK trade association TIGA has called for an acceleration of Games Tax Relief following the liquidation of British developer Blitz Games Studios.

Describing the firm’s closure as a “bitter blow” for the UK scene, TIGA CEO Dr. Richard Wilson urged the UK Government to work closely with the EU Commission to speed up the implementation of planned tax breaks for the games industry.


“The liquidation of Blitz Studios is a bitter blow for the games industry in Leamington Spa and for the UK generally,” detailed Wilson.

“Blitz is an iconic British games studio. Philip and Andrew Oliver, the CEO and CTO respectively at Blitz, have made an enormous contribution to the UK video games industry, having been involved in the sector since its beginnings in the 1980s.

“TIGA salutes Blitz’s achievements and we hope that everyone at Blitz will be successful in finding new work as quickly as possible.”

Looking for a solution

Wilson added that TIGA will support any new start-ups that emerge from Blitz, but claimed that Government support longterm is the key to ensuring more studios don’t go the same way.

“It is vital that the Government takes steps to support the growth of new studios by the provision of business incubators and by working with the EU Commission to introduce Games Tax Relief as speedily as possible,” concluded Wilson.

“Games Tax Relief will reduce the cost of games development and improve access to finance, as well as supporting the development of culturally British video games.”



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