PlayStation Opens Giant HQ in Silicon Valley, Jack Tretton: “I think we Have Everything Going for us now”


Sony may have sold off their main US headquarters, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not investing in new property – Sony Computer Entertainment America has opened a new headquarters in Silicon Valley for around 2,000 employees.

Talking to Bloomberg, in a video viewable below, SCEA boss Jack Tretton said:

450,000 square feet, very hard to come by, very rare.


This was the jewel that we had our eye on for about 6 years and we have a true corporate campus for about the first time in our existence.

The campus also has gourmet food and has its own gym:

If you give people great food, they’re healthier. If you give them an opportunity to exercise they’re healthier, they’re more productive. They’re happier, they actually end up producing better for you.

Bloomberg said that Sony has a state of the art music studio, 19 mixing and edit rooms and two live recording spaces “large enough for a 20 piece orchestra”. There’s also a Fabrication Arts & Design room for making toys and statues for game events.

Jack Tretton explained:

I think we have everything going for us now in terms of momentum behind the brand and this beautiful state of the art campus, you know, what’s not to like?


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