Summer of Scares – Corpse Party Review

Definitely need to check this game out. I’m very intrigued. Thanks!


With Summer upon us, it’s time to draw the shades, shun the light, and scare yourself silly. Join Jason as he begins his Summer of Scares, playing horror games new and old in addition to a wide range of terror-themed articles.

If you ever want to stump even the most hardcore gamer, try interrupting his latest teabagging session in Halo with a Visual Novel. Examples of this genre rarely make it over here to America despite raging popularity in Japan. Visual Novels are basically thinly veiled interactive comic books, often filling the bits between conversation or exposition with basic exploration gameplay or menu surfing. You walk around a small environment, picking up different items while desperately searching for the next trigger. Did picking up that rusty lighter finally cause the fat guy to leave his bedroom so you can question him about what he had for dinner? No? Shit…

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