Battlefield 3: Aftermath


The new BF3 DLC aimed at a late 2012 release, will feature all new assignments and maps.

It will also include a brand new game mode called “Scavenge” where players will start off with a knife and have to “scavenge” their surroundings to gather weapons which they will use to ultimately win the game, think gun game but by picking stuff up and finding it. Seems like it could be based on luck?

As per usual, it will include new guns, new assignments to unlock new guns, new maps, new achievements and new vehicles! It’ll be set in a post-earthquake Tehran, so expect a lot of uneven ground. Not sure how well vehicles will fare on these maps.

Aftermath is the second to final DLC that will be released for Battlefield 3. End Game will be the last, being dropped early 2013.

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