Sony Puts Vita Memory Cards on Sale

The gaming media roared with applause when the Vita’s $250 price point was revealed back at E3 2011, and although the Vita’s price seems steep now in comparison to the swiftly slashed Nintendo 3DS (despite selling for an initially identical price tag), many still feel the Vita is currently priced uncompetitively high. But, there’s one Vita price that’s been panned since it’s announcement – the cost of memory cards.

Since release, Vita memory cards have been priced:

  • 4GB/$19.99
  • 8GB/$29.99
  • 16GB/$59.99
  • 32GB/$99.99

But, now through Sony’s Online Store you can can pick up anyone of these cards (except the sold out 32GB rendition) for:

  • 4GB/$11.99
  • 8GB/$17.99
  • 16GB/$35.99
  • 32GB/$60

Additionally, if you plan on buying more than $100 worth of products through Sony then you might as well take advantage of the free $20 E-Gift Card that comes with purchasing a $100 E-Gift Cards.

Who’s planning on jumping on these deals? Or are you planning to wait until the 32GB card is available for a more reasonable (double digit) rate?


source: psls

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