Developers see creativity in Next Gen Now.

The below re-blog I posted from (mynintendonews) talks about something I recently talked about in my post “Nintendo…Makers Of Fun” a few days ago, and it reaffirms it. But I have to disagree with Mr. Rodney Greenblat’s suggestion that Sony and Microsoft have little incentive to be as creative as Nintendo.

I do not believe consumers are not willing to buy new IP’s or anything new creative wise. I sure am, and I’m tired of the market being flooded with games that are spin off’s of other good games or games that have 2,3,4 after the title. I think the developers are afraid to bring anything new and creative to market because they believe that the end of this current gen cycle is upon us and are afraid to invest money because consumers won’t take a chance. This is why they are pushing the console makers to bring out their new next gen systems rather then have companies like Sony for example, keep it’s consoles at 10yr cycles. This way there is more time for their games to be on the market and they can feel comfortable investing big bucks on them. They say they can be more creative with newer graphics etc. I personally feel like this is an excuse, albeit a good one, to not make anything new and creative and adopt a wait and see approach. Sure, I get it, these games cost alot of money to create and companies want to make money, not lose it.  Now when it comes to nintendo, they definitely have been at the forefront of creativeness, but let’s not remember, it was Nintendo who adopted the DVD,WiFI, online gaming etc.. late in the game after companies like Sony and Microsoft showed how successful they were and how consumers were all jumping on this new technology. Heck, if it wasn’t because Nintendo disagreed with Sony about using DVD’s over cartridge based games, we would never have had a Sony Playstation, talk about creativity. But Nintendo, even slow to adopt new technologies, have come up with their own new ones and have been a major game changer in the industry and have given Sony and Microsoft a run for their money..who saw that coming? It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with them as a gamer, but as a company, they’ve earned my respect.

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