‘Nintendo Is Creative But Sony And Microsoft Have Little Incentive To Be’

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Rodney Greenblat, the lead designer of Parappa the Rapper and Wii game Major Minor’s Majestic March, believes that Nintendo are the kings of creativity, and that both Sony and Microsoft lag behind the Kyoto based company. Greenblat went on to say that developers are prepared to take risks with their intellectual properties, but consumers aren’t prepared to buy into them.

“I don’t find any lack of creativity in the game makers, but there is a lack of creativity in the game buyers. I think developers would like to make a wide range of interesting games, but they are difficult to sell, so they don’t get made. So it is a problem of economics.”

“The question really becomes how to open up video gaming to a wider audience,” Greenblat continued, “Nintendo works on this question 24/7. Playstation and Xbox have little incentive to do that. The frontier right now is phones…

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