Playstation 3 last again in DLC.

When it comes to games from 3rd party publishers, lets face it, Sony’s Playstation 3 usually gets an inferior version riddled with bugs. Now when it comes to downloadable content (DLC), well…let’s just not go there. This treatment towards the PS3 sparks fan wars galore and understandably so. I pride myself in having a pretty large console and game collection and I’m not biased either towards game companies, but I will admit that after 3 RRD’s (red ring of death) on my XBOX 360, I tend to lean more towards Playstation but seeing game content available for PS3 last really is infuriating. I know it is all business, but we gamers tend to take it personal. Why do we have to always be last to receive DLC or patches to bugged games we paid good money for?

Which brings us to our topic. After Bethesda’s Skyrim came out, it was found to be plagued with bugs on Playstation 3. PS3 owners were furious. Even after we were promised to get patches that never solved our problem, we now learn this past week that the Playstation 3 might NEVER get Skyrim’s Dawnguard DLC. What’s up with that? I must say, we here at After Dark Gaming are very peeved! Why has such a successful company like Bethesda abandoned Sony and its user base? Anyway, enough with the rants, here’s the link to Forbe’s article on the matter. Read up!

What do you think?

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