Playstation Vita Hacked?!?

Well here we go again friends,

It seems as though Sony is a magnet for hackers. First their PSP (Playstation Portable) was hacked which allowed homebrew programs and games to be installed on it. Even though Sony tried in vain to patch it with their updates, the hackers would eventually catch up every time. Then it was the Playstation 3, then their beloved Playstation Network. Now it seems as though the newest Sony product on the block, the “PS Vita” was successfully hacked this week as well.

Yifan Lu, who is famous for cracking the security in Amazon’s Kindle devices, has apparently discovered an exploit in the PlayStation Vita. He has announced that he has started work on an application that will allow homebrew applications to run on the PS Vita. He is asking the hacker community for help in creating a loader to exploit the system and has posted his preliminary code on his page for all to view at  GitHub page.

The homebrew loader in question will be “based heavily” on Half-Byte Loader, Lu confirmed, which was software for the PSP that allowed homebrew to run on the last-gen handheld.

Yifan Lu defended his work on Twitter. His response to a Vita developer’s question regarding the exploit possibly leaving an “open door” to piracy read, “I apologise, but what can I do about what others may possibly do in the future?“.

While we do not condone hacking or software piracy, we are excited to see what the community will create on the PS Vita. After all it is a powerful handheld.

What do you think about all of this? Should Sony go after Lu or is this to be expected and accepted in our digital age?

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