EverQuest II: Chains of Eternity™ Zone Preview

Chains of Eternity

EverQuest II’s 9th expansion Chains of Eternity™ is now available for pre-order! The thrilling Chains of Eternity will take intrepid adventurers and Norrathians to a realm that was never meant to be visited by the living: Ethernere! EverQuest II: Chains of Eternity™ features new prestige abilities, including prestige tradeskills, and a level cap increase to 95 for adventuring, tradeskilling, and guilds. Players will also get to adventure through challenging new dungeons, quests, and two spirit realm overland zones: Obol Plains and the Eidolon Jungle.

Check out the video for more about these new zones!

There are two versions of the expansion available:

Standard Edition – $39.99

  • Cloak of Mourning (Pre-Order Exclusive!)
  • Drinal’s Scythe Replica – Mounted
  • 2 x Scroll of Resurrection

Collector’s Edition – $59.99 Pre-Order Special Price (Regular Price $89.99)

  • Cloak of Mourning (Pre-Order Exclusive!)
  • Drinal’s Scythe Replica – Mounted
  • 2 x Scroll of Resurrection
  • Hero’s Blessing of Experience – 1 x 6 hour 100% XP potion
  • 2 x Portal Globe of Swift Travel
  • 2 x Health Potion
  • 2 x Power Potion
  • Firiona Vie Memorial Tapestry
  • Krivix Honorclaw – Werewolf Mercenary

Pre-order your copy of Chains of Eternity™ now!


Mists of Pandaria Zone Preview: Kun-Lai Summit

by Nethaera Sep 18, 2012

In the words of Wrathion, Pandaria is a land of “mystery, history . . .  and opportunity.” Kun-Lai Summitfeatures all three! We’ve been exploring the various locations in Pandaria by talking to the designers behind them. Today we’ve pulled aside Dave ‘Fargo’ Kosak, World of Warcraft’s lead quest designer, to talk about the majesty of Kun-Lai Summit.

Q. Could you name three places you feel players shouldn’t miss on their first trip through the zone?

A. It’s hard to name just three! Kun-Lai Summit is one of the largest zones in the expansion, and it encompasses a huge swath of terrain. Starting from the highland steppes you’ll make your way into the piedmont of an enormous mountain range, home to terrible tribes of mountain hozen and the site of a yaungol invasion. Keep on trucking up the slopes and you’ll find yourself among the blistering cold of the peaks. There’s even a small forest along the northern shores – so there’s definitely a lot of variety.

But if I were to play tour guide, there are definitely some highlights to call out.

First, just getting to the zone is an adventure. You’ll traverse the Veiled Stair, carved directly into the mountainside north of the Valley of Four Winds. Be sure to read about the history of the stair at a resting spot a third of the way up, then stop for a drink in the Tavern in the Mists. You’re almost there! Try not to look directly at the albino saurok as you navigate an underground river on your way to Binan Village, the most major pandaren settlement in the zone.

If you fancy some mountain climbing, there are a couple peaks of note. Kota Peak is famous for its berries, as well as for the angry yeti that eat them. There are rumors of a pandaren pet master who lives near the summit. Hint: the rumors are true. But even majestic Kota Peak pales in comparison to its neighbor, Mount Neverest, the highest peak in all of Azeroth (we measured). I would say that the view is tremendous as you’re pretty much above the clouds up there. It’s breathtaking. Legend has it that the last pandaren emperor ascended the summit to seek the wisdom of the Jade Serpent . . . you’ll have a few reasons of your own to ascend the slopes as well.

And if I had to stick to just three locations, I suppose I couldn’t leave out the Shado-Pan Monastery. It’s the headquarters of Pandaria’s first and only line of defense: the Shado-Pan. They were given a sacred charge by the last emperor to protect the land from the dark energy of the sha. They also man the Serpent’s Spine wall and protect the common-folk from the terror of the mantid. It’s a lot for these guys to handle, so as you can imagine their Monastery is both a fortress and a place of deep contemplation. Nestled into the mountain peaks, it’s absolutely beautiful. The Shado-Pan will need your help when their Monastery is overrun with the sha – you can probably score some points with the faction if you go into the dungeon and help ‘em out.


Q. From a story perspective, what are the major things happening here?
A. Quite a bit! One of our goals with Mists of Pandaria was to feature more non-linear zones, and Kun-Lai, more than any other, embodies this. So there’s a lot going on, and a lot to explore and discover.

The Sha of Anger has broken loose from his prison in the Shado-Pan monastery, and he’s wreaking havoc all over the zone. Put together a raid group and you can pummel it back down into the ground, but otherwise, you’d best avoid that thing. It’s whipping up all the locals into a frenzy.

For example, the aggressive mountain Hozen who live up in the highlands are raging out of control. The local grummles who push their goods back and forth on the “Burlap Trail” are getting massacred, so if you have the time they could really use your help.

Meanwhile, events in the Dread Wastes have pushed the yaungol out of their native homelands beyond the wall. Once they break into pandaren lands, they just start annihilating the place. Their roving warbands have left a trail of destruction in their wake. The Alliance and Horde can both pitch in to help reverse the tide of battle, and in the process they’ll be able to lay claim to a couple of key towns in the center of the zone.

The Zandalari trolls are up to no good. They’re ancient allies with the boogeymen of Pandaria, the mogu. Tracking down the Zandalari will require delving into the Valley of Emperors, a sprawling ancient burial ground up in the mountains, and ultimately concludes with a desperate last-ditch effort to save a stranded pandaren village on the coast.

Finally, this zone features an event that I consider to be the emotional heart of the whole expansion. TheWhite Tiger – one of the four August Celestials that guard Pandaria – is waiting for you in his temple here in Kun-Lai. A debate is raging over the sacred heart of the pandaren empire, and whether or not the other mortal races from beyond the mists should be allowed within. Maybe you can help sway his decision?

Q. You mention all sorts of new factions and races – Yaungol! Mogu! Grummles! Who are they?
A. Our goal all along was to make Pandaria feel like a new place, with an ecology all its own. There are definitely some clashing cultures here in Kun-Lai.

The yaungol are an offshoot of the tauren race. They were trapped on pandaria when the continent broke free during the Sundering ten thousand years ago. They’re a proud people, and they wanted to retain their nomadic lifestyle – they didn’t want to submit to any emperor’s authority. They’ve been forced to survive in the harsh lands beyond the Serpent’s Spine wall, where they’re in continual conflict with the mantid. This has made them extremely tough.

On the opposite extreme you have the humble grummles. These little guys have been merchants, messengers, and traders since the time of the ancient mogu empire. They’re able to carry many times their own weight. Their main trading route – “The burlap trail” – is a lifeline to the Shado-Pan Monastery. When you first arrive in the zone, the trail is under assault from the rampaging mountain hozen, and those little grummle guys sure could use your help. Oh! While you’re here, be sure to visit the Grummle Bazaar, a tremendous marketplace and the home to one of the most luxurious mounts in pandaria: The Grand Expedition Yak.

We’ve talked about the brutish mogu elsewhere, but you can really delve into their history here in Kun-Lai, home of the Valley of Emperors. Thousands and thousands of years ago, the mogu were broken up into tribes and warring kingdoms. Then, along came Lei-Shen, “The Thunder King.” He cracked some skulls until all the mogu bent their knee to him. Then he proceeded to conquer and enslave all of the other pandaren races, unite the language, and create the first empire. It was Lei-Shen who started construction of the Serpent’s Spine wall, and it was likely Lei-Shen who first forged an alliance with the ancient Zandalari. The mogu empire was overthrown in the pandaren revolution long ago, but if someone were to come along and unite the mogu once again . . . well, it wouldn’t be pretty.

There’s also an important faction that you’ll meet here in Kun-Lai. The Shado-Pan need your help; first, your help pushing back the yaungol invasion and re-securing the wall. Then, you can help them cleanse their Monastery from the evils of the sha. Once you earn their trust, you can roll up your sleeves and help them out in their campaign across the Townlong Steppes . . . ah, but I’m getting ahead of myself. That’s another zone and another day!



*Note* All 4 zone previews were taken from http://www.worldofwacraft.com                             Original author’s name is above with link.


Mists of Pandaria Zone Preview: Jade Forest

Mists of Pandaria Zone Preview: Jade Forest

by Nethaera Sep 11, 2012

Pandaria is a majestic land of mystery and intrigue. Long has it been shrouded in the mists and relatively untouched . . . until now. To get you better acquainted with this new continent, we’ve pulled out our cameras and snapped a few shots of some of the great points of interest and stunning vistas. We’ve also taken the time to speak to the zone’s designers to ask them questions about the best sites to see, the key storylines you may want to know about, and the creatures you’ll want to meet (or avoid).

Quest Designer: Helen Cheng

Q. Could you name three places you feel players shouldn’t miss on their first trip through the zone?
A. There’s a lot to see in Pandaria but one of the most significant locations is the Serpent’s Heart. This is an enormous statue in the middle of the zone in which pandaren stonemasons have toiled at building for nearly a hundred years. However, they are running out of jade, and the mines to the north are overwhelmed by monsters. Trouble is definitely afoot.

On the coast to the east lies the Temple of the Jade Serpent. This is the home to Yu’lon, the Jade Serpent, who is one of the celestial guardians of Pandaria. She’s the spirit of wisdom, but also represents spring, youth, growth, and nurturing. Players will get a chance to meet her in person.

Jade Forest is also the zone where the Alliance and Horde first make landfall on Pandaria. The Alliance will land in the southwest and will begin a search for Prince Anduin Wrynn, who has gone missing in a recent naval battle. Meanwhile, the Horde arrives on the northern shores. In both cases, the conflict in the rest of the world spills into Pandaria, and they’ll be fighting from the moment boots touch the ground. The tension between trying to explore a new land while simultaneously fighting a war drives a lot of the action in Jade Forest.

Q. So, from a story perspective, Jade Forest is a pretty important zone?
A. Absolutely! All this deep-seated tension and animosity is unleashed on the shores of what has been a relatively peaceful land for a long time. The consequences of the battle in Jade Forest reverberate across the entire continent.

Pandaria’s first dungeon is here: the Temple of the Jade Serpent that I mentioned earlier. If you play through the whole zone, you’ll get to visit the dungeon and interact with the inhabitants when things are peaceful. Once everything goes bad, you’ll have to go back in and try to undo a lot of the damage the fighting between the Alliance and Horde has caused. You’ll learn a lot about the Pandaren people and hopefully gain wisdom from the Jade Serpent herself.

Q. What factions or races will we be able to interact with?
A. Pandaria is host to several races that the Horde and Alliance have never encountered before. There are the forest hozen: semi-intelligent monkeys with a penchant for violence. They aren’t a very mature group and are in fact quite rowdy and crude. They eventually ally with the Horde. (Other tribes of hozen exist in other zones, but they aren’t the friendly sort and won’t ally with anyone.)

On the opposite end of the spectrum are the jinyu who are a wise and proud race of amphibious creatures. They have refinement and culture. Their “waterspeakers” can listen to the waters to foretell events of the future, although this is a rare occurrence. A subset of this race will end up allying with the Alliance.

Players will also encounter the mogu for the first time. This fearsome, brutish race is pillaging and destroying a few areas of the forest, giving us a hint as to their nature. But they’re really just a foreshadowing of what’s to come – the mogu play a huge part in pandaren history, and they’ll play a big role in this expansion as well.

Of course, the pandaren will be there as well for people to get to know. Imagine their surprise when the Horde and Alliance show up and turn things upside down.

As far as factions go, the Order of the Cloud Serpent is a faction and a daily hub that players can access at level 90. Members of The Order are sent out into the wild to find a cloud serpent egg, and then raise their serpent hatchling to adulthood. Serpent riders train and nurture their cloud serpents, then ride them into war. Players will also be able to choose their own egg and raise their own serpent, watch it grow to adulthood, and eventually keep their cloud serpent as their own flying mount. Exalted status with this faction also awards Cloud Serpent Riding, which is a tier of flying skill required to ride any cloud serpent mount from Pandaria.

There’s a lot more to be seen in this zone, but hopefully this will give you a taste of what’s to come in your adventures ahead.





The Pandarens are coming!

When it comes to MMORPG’s (Massively Multiplayer Online Games) or just online games for short, I’ve played quite a few, but my all time favorite and also for 12 million other gamers worldwide is World Of Warcraft. I started playing around 2005 and instantly fell in love with the Lore and the beautiful art style of the world. I followed through all 3 expansions and shed a tear for the last one” Cataclysm” which saw the Azeroth as we knew it ripped to sunder as beautiful cities and landscapes shifted and collapsed and formed new ones. Its a good thing I took plenty of screen shots of everything before Deathwing enforced her destruction on the world.

This month will see the 4th expansion for World Of Warcraft called Mists Of Pandaria. On September 25,2012 Blizzard introduces the Pandarens which in all honesty look like kung fu panda, but remember, Blizzards take  on these characters came way before that movie.The major setting is the land of Pandaria, one of the continents of the world of Azeroth. The discovery of Pandaria is made after a naval battle between the Horde and the Alliance. It had been hidden by magic since The Sundering.

Mists of Pandaria will raise the existing level cap from level 85 to 90. It will introduce a new character class, the Monk, along with a new playable race, the Pandaren. The vanity pet system will be overhauled and will include a pet battle system. New PVEscenarios will be introduced, and Challenge Modes will be added for dungeons. The existing 41-point talent trees will be replaced by a new system of tiered talents that are awarded every 15 levels. Blizzard has stated that there are plans for nine new dungeons, three new raids, and four new battlegrounds.

Watch the awesome Cinematic Trailer!

If your interested in the launch, here’s a link to the official global launch event: http://tinyurl.com/9a7re6g

Do you love World Of Warcraft or any other online game? Tell us which one is your favorite and why. See you in Azeroth!