Final issues of PSM3 and Xbox World out today

The final issues of PSM3 and Xbox World go on sale today.

As part of its final issue, the PSM3 team polled its readers and debated the ’50 greatest PS moments ever’.

The final issue also includes a list of the 25 greatest PlayStation games ever, voted for by the PSM3 team, a ten page PSM3 celebration feature, and lists including the mag’s Top 10 features ever, Worst 5 games ever and where departed staff members are now.

PSM3 editor Dan Dawkins has written a feature talking about the ‘making of’ PSM3, office secrets, the highs and lows, how things have changed and how the future looks.

Finally, included is a poster with all 161 PSM3 covers.

Meanwhile Xbox World rounds up the biggest, loudest, saddest, funniest, most shocking moments in Xbox history and gives GTA5, arguably the biggest Xbox game of 2013, one final, epic preview.

The team looks back at the history of Xbox World, highlighting everything from the best covers to the worst puns, and ex-editor Tim Weaver also reflects on his years in charge of Xbox World, revealing touching truths, and his special relationship with Master Chief.

Xbox World was launched by Computec Media in 2003, before being purchased by Future later the same year alongside sister mag PlayStation World (PSW).

PSM3 was launched by Future in 2000 as PSM2 and has published over 160 issues.

Buy the final issue of Xbox World online or on Apple Newsstand here (UK) or here (US).

Buy the final issue of PSM3 onlineor on iOS here (UK) or here (US).