Street Fighter X Tekken patch delayed till January



The major balance tweaks SF x Tekken fans were waiting for will have to hold off until Jan. Here are some of the updates to expect:

  • Normal Throws: Frames fixes, No damage tweaks, speeding up matches
  • Vitality Gauge Shaking: Fixing the gauge to help players actually playing the match.
  • Quick Combos: Preventing combos from happening by accident
  • Recovery Health viability
  • Colors glow less after gem activation
  • All characters have their anti-air attacks adjusted
  • Ken’s Shippy Jinraikyaku extended range & damage
  • Kazuya’s EX Wind God Fist makes him invincible for the duration of attack.
  • Bison’s Knee Press Nightmare grants invincibility to projectiles.

Credit: Siliconera

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