PlayStation Opens Giant HQ in Silicon Valley, Jack Tretton: “I think we Have Everything Going for us now”


Sony may have sold off their main US headquarters, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not investing in new property – Sony Computer Entertainment America has opened a new headquarters in Silicon Valley for around 2,000 employees.

Talking to Bloomberg, in a video viewable below, SCEA boss Jack Tretton said:

450,000 square feet, very hard to come by, very rare.


This was the jewel that we had our eye on for about 6 years and we have a true corporate campus for about the first time in our existence.

The campus also has gourmet food and has its own gym:

If you give people great food, they’re healthier. If you give them an opportunity to exercise they’re healthier, they’re more productive. They’re happier, they actually end up producing better for you.

Bloomberg said that Sony has a state of the art music studio, 19 mixing and edit rooms and two live recording spaces “large enough for a 20 piece orchestra”. There’s also a Fabrication Arts & Design room for making toys and statues for game events.

Jack Tretton explained:

I think we have everything going for us now in terms of momentum behind the brand and this beautiful state of the art campus, you know, what’s not to like?


Sony launches Third Party Production team

Gio Corsi

Sony Computer Entertainment America has formed a new publishing group called Third Party Production which will be headed up by former LucasArts lead producer Gio Corsi.

“The Third Party Relations team at PlayStation is well known for developing solid relationships across this industry, and this new group will work closely with our publishing partners to bring their beloved IPs to some new places,” Corsi wrote on the PlayStation Blog.

“Our partners who are currently in production will have us as a resource to strengthen their development process, ensuring quality and consistency on all Third Party projects.”

Its first project is the PlayStation Vita version of Borderlands 2 from Iron Galaxy Studios, and through Twitter Corsi reported he had received “literally hundreds of ideas, thousands of tweets,” from gamers suggesting other titles they’d like to see on PlayStation.

Corsi has been at Sony Computer Entertainment America for three months. Prior to that he spent time at LucasArts, Lucasfilm Animation Singapore, Nexon Publishing North America and Propaganda Games.



Vita makes more money for more devs, says Sony

Handheld maker pushing system as an attractive alternative to iOS and Android development.


With its growing catalog of indie games, PS4 compatibility, and just-announced price cut, Sony is trying to breathe new life into the PS Vita. Part of that effort also includes convincing creators to work on the platform, something Sony reps and Vita developers discussed recently with Polygon.

In the piece, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe senior business development manager Shahid Ahmad pushed the Vita as an alternative to the mobile and tablet markets, suggesting that the handheld’s user base is more engaged and willing to spend money on games than their counterparts on other platforms.

“More developers make more money on average on Vita than they do on mobile,” Ahmad said. “When people buy a Vita, they want to purchase games. I tell developers, if you’re trying to build a business, then building your game and bringing it to Vita is a great investment. If you want to play the lottery, then putting a game on iOS is more like that. You’re scratching that and hoping you get discovered, hoping that a lot of people talk about you. Whereas Vita, every week when there’s content coming out, people buzz about it and it spreads like wildfire, because everyone’s firing that console up every day to look at the content and talk about it.”

The sentiment was supported by Ripstone co-founder Phil Gaskell, who has released a number of multi-platform titles that showed favorable results on Vita.

“Our Pure Chess title has sold more units on PS Vita than on PS3,” Gaskell said. “Our line drawing game Men’s Room Mayhem sold more units on PS Vita in its first month than on iOS and Android combined. It seems like a perfectly good platform to us, and we’re continuing to support it in the future.”

Sony is also expecting the Vita’s PS4 features to spark interest in the system. Sony Computer Entertainment America VP of publisher and developer relations Adam Boyes stressed the importance of Remote Play, which will let players play some PS4 games using the Vita.

“We’ve said internally that it’s going to be the greatest peripheral ever made for a console,” Boyes said. “I can’t wait to have my PS4 in my living room and being able to play Watch Dogs in my bedroom while my PS4 is downstairs. That’s going to generate more interest in the platform in general.”



PS4 ‘interest will exceed supply’, says SCEA CEO

Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Jack Tretton has become the second PlayStation executive to suggest that the company will struggle to make enough PS4 units to satisfy consumer interest.

After SCE CEO Andrew House warned last week that PS4 demand “may well outstrip supply”, Tretton told Forbes:

“I certainly think, given the technology that we’re offering, given the software lineup, given the price point we have, that we’ll have consumers interested in excess of what we’re able to manufacture.”

Tretton said last week that GameStop executives had informed him the retailer would purchase “every single [PS4] unit” Sony can manufacture, adding: “We’re excited about the momentum.”

Sony showed off the PS4 hardware for the first time during its E3 conference, when it confirmed a Christmas PS4 release date in Europe and the US and a PS4 price of £349 / €399 / $399, undercutting the Xbox One price by $100.

The PlayStation maker also used E3 to address the controversial issue of pre-owned games and always-on internet restrictions, confirming that PS4 games don’t require regular online check-ins and that disc-based titles can be traded or sold on. PS4 owners will however need to subscribe to PS Plus to play online multiplayer.



Sony hires new firm for PlayStation media business

Carat Media will help Sony launch the PlayStation 4

Sony hires Carat

Sony Computer Entertainment America has hired Carat Global to handle the company’s media business. Carat Global replaces Deutsch L.A., the company that was also replaced as SCEA’s creative agency a few weeks ago.

“All of the participating agencies presented outstanding approaches during the selection process,” said SCEAs senior vice president of PlayStation brand marketing Guy Longworth. “Carat presented an innovative model that will drive significant marketing value to SCEA, and we look forward to partnering with them.”

“Deutsch has been an excellent partner for SCEA over the last six years, and we would like to thank them for their dedicated service to our business,” Longworth added.

Carat Global and BBH New York will now work together to put a new face on Sony’s PlayStation brand.