PS4 Trounces Xbox One on 100,000 Votes in Console War Internet Poll

PS4 Trounces Xbox One on 100,000 Votes in Console War Internet Poll

Who will win the console war between Xbox One and PS4? If we have to believe the internet PS4 has a large lead, at least according to the web based poll you can find on, created on purpose to interrogate the web surfing masses on their preference between the two upcoming next generation consoles.

For now looks like the internet has spoken: At the moment of this writing the site has gathered over 100,000 votes, and more than 75% of the participants have voted for the PS4, decreeing an overwhelming victory for Sony’s console. Of course the voting is still ongoing, so there’s still a chance for the Xbox One to regain ground and maybe even overtake the opposition.

The battle between the two upcoming console is just beginning, but things are getting heated. Will the PS4 continue to trounce its competitor from Redmond, or maybe we’re going to see the trend change before the fall comes?

One thing is for sure: the poll paints a quite grim outlook for Microsoft’s “all-in-one” entertainment hub. Looking at the vote breakdown by country we see some even more surprising results:


Voters from the United States, that are normally a Microsoft stronghold, voted en masse for the PS4, with almost 80% voters in favor of Sony’s machine. Xbox One fares relatively better in France, where it reaches almost 25% of the votes, while Germany is almost completely painted blue with nearly 85% of the participants willing to pledge their loyalty to the Japanese brand.

While the scientific accuracy of the poll is somewhat questionable, as there’s no selection criteria for the voters besides an internet connection, the ability to reach the site and to click on the desired option, over 100,000 votes are definitely a statistically relevant pool, larger than those used in polls held by many “professional” market research firms.

It’s up to you to decide whether this poll has any real value or not, but the results are still definitely interesting.



CVG poll: PS4 four times more popular than Xbox One

Sony console takes 71% of vote; Xbox One at 15%


A next gen console poll, taken by more than 5,000 CVG readers, suggests that Sony’s PS4 is nearly five times more popular than Microsoft’s Xbox One.

On Thursday CVG asked readers to declare whether they were intending to buy either Sony or Microsoft’s next-generation game consoles. By Monday morning, more than 5,000 responded, with a clear majority (71%) declaring their interest in PS4.

By contrast, just 15 per cent of respondents said they were intending to buy an Xbox One. Six per cent said they intended to buy both machines, meaning that the combined PS4 price and Xbox One price will set customers back $900 or £780 at launch.

Meanwhile, nine per cent of respondents said they had no intention of buying either system (the majority claiming they would stick with their PCs, with some sticking with their Wii Us).
Microsoft has a tough launch period ahead of it as customers continually speak out against the machine’s anti-pre-owned measures and always-online requirements. The survey data suggests that the issue could be affecting Microsoft in territories where it is strongest.

Despite the neck-and-neck global lifetime sales of the PS3 and Xbox 360 (both edging towards 80m units), the geo-breakdown of those numbers shows that Xbox’s main business is in the US (40m) and UK (8m); two areas where it has been consistently dominant.

While PlayStation is hardly an insignificance in those two countries (about 25m sales in the US and 5m in the UK), it balances those numbers with a healthy business across Japan and other parts of Europe.

Sony has said the PS4 release date is set for “Christmas 2013” across Europe and the US. CVG understands the Japan launch could be pushed to 2014 if manufacturing count comes up short, though a final decision hasn’t been made yet.

Microsoft has said the Xbox One release date is due for November.