Mists of Pandaria: First Impressions

Hello everyone! As promised, a small review before I go to bed (school tomorrow). I have played to lvl 14 so far and I am greatly enjoying it and from what I can see on the chat channels, so is everyone else.

*Spoiler Alert*    Let me just start out by saying that the scenery is breathtaking and the art style and colors are beautiful to say the least. The music really pulls you in and you feel one with the world. Blizzard has as usual outdone themselves and the results really show. The story starts out with you training to be a successful monk. Fighting is very fun with many new moves like high swipe kicks and fast punches that daze enemies and deal damage to whom ever is near you. I’ve seen a lot of crazy new enemies so far like giant rabbits, crazy monkeys that like to jump on our head and smack you around and small magical tree folk. After much questing and enlightenment you and your friends are asked to speak to one of the elders.

Your sent on a hot air balloon up into the clouds and away from land. As you fly away you then realize that you were on a giant turtle. The whole island is actually the back of a moving gigantic turtle. After speaking to him, he tells you he is weak and dying and asks that you remove a big splinter he has stuck in his back. As you swing around you see that the splinter is actually  a huge Alliance airship that has crashed into the turtle’s side. It turns out the ship also had Horde prisoners on board as well.

After doing a few quests for each faction, your Panda friend Ji uses a Horde bomb to try and free the ship from the turtle’s side. The ship explodes and the turtle starts to lose alot of blood. Healers from both factions try frantically to stop the bleeding. At the same time they are attacked by creatures that have come up from the sea.

After the final battle, you go before your master and he asks you who you will be returning with, the Alliance or the Horde. This happens at about level 11-12.







I recommend the game to any WOW fan and any who might feel betrayed by blizzard. Give it a go, I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Pandaren and Monk Trainers appear in starting zones

by Olivia Grace


As Olivia Grace states below in her article, Pandarens are showing up in Azeroth in anticipation of Monday’s exciting expansion launch. You might have already seen these NPC’s (Non Player Characters) around also.


As the lifting of the Mists of Pandaria draws ever closer, changes are already starting to take place, and out of nowhere, what must currently be exceedingly enigmatic pandaren are coming out of the woodwork into our game world.

Tsu the Wanderer has made it to the troll island, where he can be found sparring with Zabrax, the newly arrived monk trainer, and the only trainer who is not a pandaren. In the orc start zone, Gato is standing in a group with some other trainers, enjoying what appears to be rather an awkward silence, while in the Undead zone, the amusingly named Ting, strong of Stomach, is offered various delights by Archibald Kava. Shoyu (d’you see what they did there?) seems to fit right in with the Tauren, but Pao, the lonely pandaren among the blood elves, seems a tad more incongruous.

Bao, the trainer in the human zone seems to have been offered better hospitality than the warlock, rogue, or hunter trainers, given that he’s allowed indoors. The citizens of Anvilmar have shown Lo similar hospitality. Laoxi, a pandaren among night elves, has been permitted access to the innermost rooms in Aldrassil, but the Stormstout family’s reputation can’t have spread as far as Ammen Vale, given that the draenei seem to be excluding Mojo Stormstout from their rooms!

Lastly, and arguably most adorably, Xi, Friend to the Small, can be found sparring with three barefoot gnome monk trainees in the snow of Dun Morogh.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Round-Up

by Blizzard Entertainment Sep 21, 2012

Mists of Pandaria opens up a whole new continent to explore, with new races to meet, and new challenges to undertake. From the Wandering Isle to the treacherous Dread Wastes, there’s a whole new land waiting for you. To help make your journey a smooth one, we’ve rounded-up enough information to make even a pandaren Lorewalker /dance.

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Mists of Pandaria Zone Preview: Kun-Lai Summit

by Nethaera Sep 18, 2012

In the words of Wrathion, Pandaria is a land of “mystery, history . . .  and opportunity.” Kun-Lai Summitfeatures all three! We’ve been exploring the various locations in Pandaria by talking to the designers behind them. Today we’ve pulled aside Dave ‘Fargo’ Kosak, World of Warcraft’s lead quest designer, to talk about the majesty of Kun-Lai Summit.

Q. Could you name three places you feel players shouldn’t miss on their first trip through the zone?

A. It’s hard to name just three! Kun-Lai Summit is one of the largest zones in the expansion, and it encompasses a huge swath of terrain. Starting from the highland steppes you’ll make your way into the piedmont of an enormous mountain range, home to terrible tribes of mountain hozen and the site of a yaungol invasion. Keep on trucking up the slopes and you’ll find yourself among the blistering cold of the peaks. There’s even a small forest along the northern shores – so there’s definitely a lot of variety.

But if I were to play tour guide, there are definitely some highlights to call out.

First, just getting to the zone is an adventure. You’ll traverse the Veiled Stair, carved directly into the mountainside north of the Valley of Four Winds. Be sure to read about the history of the stair at a resting spot a third of the way up, then stop for a drink in the Tavern in the Mists. You’re almost there! Try not to look directly at the albino saurok as you navigate an underground river on your way to Binan Village, the most major pandaren settlement in the zone.

If you fancy some mountain climbing, there are a couple peaks of note. Kota Peak is famous for its berries, as well as for the angry yeti that eat them. There are rumors of a pandaren pet master who lives near the summit. Hint: the rumors are true. But even majestic Kota Peak pales in comparison to its neighbor, Mount Neverest, the highest peak in all of Azeroth (we measured). I would say that the view is tremendous as you’re pretty much above the clouds up there. It’s breathtaking. Legend has it that the last pandaren emperor ascended the summit to seek the wisdom of the Jade Serpent . . . you’ll have a few reasons of your own to ascend the slopes as well.

And if I had to stick to just three locations, I suppose I couldn’t leave out the Shado-Pan Monastery. It’s the headquarters of Pandaria’s first and only line of defense: the Shado-Pan. They were given a sacred charge by the last emperor to protect the land from the dark energy of the sha. They also man the Serpent’s Spine wall and protect the common-folk from the terror of the mantid. It’s a lot for these guys to handle, so as you can imagine their Monastery is both a fortress and a place of deep contemplation. Nestled into the mountain peaks, it’s absolutely beautiful. The Shado-Pan will need your help when their Monastery is overrun with the sha – you can probably score some points with the faction if you go into the dungeon and help ‘em out.


Q. From a story perspective, what are the major things happening here?
A. Quite a bit! One of our goals with Mists of Pandaria was to feature more non-linear zones, and Kun-Lai, more than any other, embodies this. So there’s a lot going on, and a lot to explore and discover.

The Sha of Anger has broken loose from his prison in the Shado-Pan monastery, and he’s wreaking havoc all over the zone. Put together a raid group and you can pummel it back down into the ground, but otherwise, you’d best avoid that thing. It’s whipping up all the locals into a frenzy.

For example, the aggressive mountain Hozen who live up in the highlands are raging out of control. The local grummles who push their goods back and forth on the “Burlap Trail” are getting massacred, so if you have the time they could really use your help.

Meanwhile, events in the Dread Wastes have pushed the yaungol out of their native homelands beyond the wall. Once they break into pandaren lands, they just start annihilating the place. Their roving warbands have left a trail of destruction in their wake. The Alliance and Horde can both pitch in to help reverse the tide of battle, and in the process they’ll be able to lay claim to a couple of key towns in the center of the zone.

The Zandalari trolls are up to no good. They’re ancient allies with the boogeymen of Pandaria, the mogu. Tracking down the Zandalari will require delving into the Valley of Emperors, a sprawling ancient burial ground up in the mountains, and ultimately concludes with a desperate last-ditch effort to save a stranded pandaren village on the coast.

Finally, this zone features an event that I consider to be the emotional heart of the whole expansion. TheWhite Tiger – one of the four August Celestials that guard Pandaria – is waiting for you in his temple here in Kun-Lai. A debate is raging over the sacred heart of the pandaren empire, and whether or not the other mortal races from beyond the mists should be allowed within. Maybe you can help sway his decision?

Q. You mention all sorts of new factions and races – Yaungol! Mogu! Grummles! Who are they?
A. Our goal all along was to make Pandaria feel like a new place, with an ecology all its own. There are definitely some clashing cultures here in Kun-Lai.

The yaungol are an offshoot of the tauren race. They were trapped on pandaria when the continent broke free during the Sundering ten thousand years ago. They’re a proud people, and they wanted to retain their nomadic lifestyle – they didn’t want to submit to any emperor’s authority. They’ve been forced to survive in the harsh lands beyond the Serpent’s Spine wall, where they’re in continual conflict with the mantid. This has made them extremely tough.

On the opposite extreme you have the humble grummles. These little guys have been merchants, messengers, and traders since the time of the ancient mogu empire. They’re able to carry many times their own weight. Their main trading route – “The burlap trail” – is a lifeline to the Shado-Pan Monastery. When you first arrive in the zone, the trail is under assault from the rampaging mountain hozen, and those little grummle guys sure could use your help. Oh! While you’re here, be sure to visit the Grummle Bazaar, a tremendous marketplace and the home to one of the most luxurious mounts in pandaria: The Grand Expedition Yak.

We’ve talked about the brutish mogu elsewhere, but you can really delve into their history here in Kun-Lai, home of the Valley of Emperors. Thousands and thousands of years ago, the mogu were broken up into tribes and warring kingdoms. Then, along came Lei-Shen, “The Thunder King.” He cracked some skulls until all the mogu bent their knee to him. Then he proceeded to conquer and enslave all of the other pandaren races, unite the language, and create the first empire. It was Lei-Shen who started construction of the Serpent’s Spine wall, and it was likely Lei-Shen who first forged an alliance with the ancient Zandalari. The mogu empire was overthrown in the pandaren revolution long ago, but if someone were to come along and unite the mogu once again . . . well, it wouldn’t be pretty.

There’s also an important faction that you’ll meet here in Kun-Lai. The Shado-Pan need your help; first, your help pushing back the yaungol invasion and re-securing the wall. Then, you can help them cleanse their Monastery from the evils of the sha. Once you earn their trust, you can roll up your sleeves and help them out in their campaign across the Townlong Steppes . . . ah, but I’m getting ahead of myself. That’s another zone and another day!



*Note* All 4 zone previews were taken from http://www.worldofwacraft.com                             Original author’s name is above with link.