Is GTA V Crashing Old Xbox 360s?


 A thread on the GTAForums site has reported problems with some Xbox 360 owners who’ve had Grand Theft Auto V freeze on them during Franklin’s first mission. The issue seems to be associated with Xbox 360s made or refurbished between 2006 and 2008.

“I’ve probably reinstalled the game about 10 times now,” wrote one user. “I’m thinking it might be my 20GB HDD? After I installed the game I probably [have] a couple hundred MB left. Could it possibly be a problem that I don’t have enough excess memory after the install?”

Another user wrote: “Same problem here. Xbox from 2006, original 20gb model, sent in for repairs in 2009 for RROD. bought a 250 gb hard drive for it, but otherwise it’s the same console I’ve had for years. I can’t play for more than 30 minutes without the game freezing on me, and I’ve tried every troubleshooting step I’ve seen here and on other websites.”

Rockstar reportedly responded to direct contact with some troubleshooting steps, but most said that they did not work. Some steps that did work for at least one user came from Xbox Live Support. Here they are:

1. Delete all GTAV game data.

2. Clear system cache three times.

3. Delete marketplace data from storage system items.

4. Unplug console for three minutes.

5. Install disc 1.

6. Power off, do not insert disc 2.

7. Restart.

8. Install disc 2.

9. Play.

Hopefully Rockstar will come up with an official statement and fix sooner than later.

Have you had freezing issues with GTA V?