PS4 and PS Vita Bundle Rumored To Be Releasing for $500 By End of Year


According to a “well-placed anonymous source” speaking to Machinima’s Inside Gaming Daily, a hardware bundle consisting of Sony’s next generation console, the PS4, and their struggling handheld, the PS Vita, could be releasing by year’s end. And with it would come with a staggering value packed into the bundle which could be priced at only $500—$150 is savings if you were to purchase each separately.

This could mean a few things. Maybe a PS Vita price drop announcement is coming at gamescom in just a couple of weeks, which would make the price difference and savings only $100 (or less), making the bundle seem more financially reasonable for Sony. It also could mean that Sony is planning on marketing the PS Vita as the perfect PS4 companion device due to its remote play and cross-play capabilities. Or, it could be just another rumor that never happens.

Whatever happens, Sony could use to sell a few more PS Vita systems, and this could be a great way to do so at an excellent value for consumers. How about you? Would you purchase a PS4 and PS Vita bundle at $500 if one were available?



3DS sales near 6 million in US


Nintendo of America updates domestic installed base for 3D handheld

Between the 3DS and the 3DS XL, Nintendo has sold nearly 6 million handhelds in the United States since the system’s March 2011 debut. The company revealed the updated figure in an announcement for a new Super Mario 3D Land 3DS hardware bundle set to hit store shelves this Friday.

While the company didn’t give updated information on the rest of the world, it did release figures through September 30 in its last quarterly financial report. Worldwide, Nintendo has sold 22.19 million 3DS systems (2.1 million of which were 3DS XL models). Japan has accounted for 7.94 million 3DS systems, the Americas have combined for 7.38 million, and the rest of the world was credited with buying the remaining 6.88 million.

Nintendo also expects 3DS sales to accelerate significantly through the holidays. The company is forecasting sales of 17.5 million 3DS systems for the fiscal year ending March 30, 2013. By the end of its fiscal first half, it had sold 5.06 million units, less than one third of that forecast.