Sony: Grand Theft Auto V PS3 Can’t be Pre-Loaded in North America


Well, it hasn’t been the smoothest of pre-launches for Grand Theft Auto V on the PSN as Rockstar previously tweeted that “those who’ve pre-ordered GTAV on PSN will be able to preload the game as follows: Sunday 3PM BST in Europe, Monday 3AM EST [12AM PST] in the US”, but it looks like they were wrong.

Unfortunately, pre-loads for North America never actually happened this morning, prompting Morgan Haro to post this following statement on the PS Blog explaining the situation:

Hey guys,

From our end, SCEA has never announced anything regarding any pre-loading functionality. This is functionality that has been used at rare times in EU, however there are a number of factors that we need to consider before using it.

The pre-order functionality on the PS Store works the same as it always has. You guys know that GTA V is far from the first title we’ve ever had on pre-order, but unfortunately there was some mis-information out there that stated we can set up pre-loading. We can not at this time.

I do apologize for seeing the misinformation out there which seems to have started just last Friday.The internet can be a funny place and mis-information can spread like wildfire, but I’m afraid that any element of pre-loading as a reason to pre-order has never been pointed to by SCEA, as cool as it would be.

Guys, the game will drop at midnight tonight, and yes it will take a bit o ‘ time to download; but that’s par for the course in the digital space ^__^. You’re going to have a great game in your hands soon, so look forward to the good times that await!

Then, Kristine Steimer gave a simplified version of the statement:

There was some miscommunication this weekend — there is no pre-loading function on the North American store at this time. However, you will be able to start downloading GTA V at 12 am EST.

How do you think the lack of pre-loads will affect the midnight PSN launch? Let us know in the comments below.



Grand Theft Auto V Official Gameplay Trailer Released, Footage is From the PS3 Version


Rockstar commented on the video posting on their website, adding that “this particular video was captured with footage from the PS3 version of the game.”

See the first official gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto V.

Grand Theft Auto V launches worldwide on September 17th.


8GB of Free Space Needed on Your PS3 to Play Grand Theft Auto V

First gameplay footage and multiplayer details on the way.

Industry giant Rockstar Games is aiming to deliver the biggest open world in its history with Grand Theft Auto V, so it’s not particularly surprising that the impending sequel will consume a sizeable chunk of your console’s hard drive. Writing on its official website, the developer confirmed that you’ll need 8GB of free space on your PlayStation 3 in order to play the game. As with most other releases, you’ll be able to boot the adventure as soon as this data has been installed.

Elsewhere in the post, the company confirmed that it’s set to release some gameplay footage of the sandbox thriller soon. “The first official gameplay video is on its way,” said a spokesperson, adding that the firm is also “very excited” to share multiplayer details later this summer. Mmm, we can’t wait.




GTA V will introduce a musical score for missions

Grand Theft Auto V will introduce a musical score for missions inspired by previous Rockstar titles Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3.

But not at the expense of the series’ popular radio stations


Studio co-founder Dan Houser told The Guardian that despite the introduction of an in-game score, the series’ traditional radio stations will remain.



“We thought [we] could do something interesting if we scored missions in GTA,” explained Houser. “Obviously we didn’t want to lose radio stations, so we thought we’d do both.

“Exactly how we’re going to balance between the two we’re not entirely sure yet – we’re still trying to figure that out. But we have some very cool people doing the score, different people, who will work in the same stem-based system that we used in the other games”.

Last week we gathered all the first GTA V details from Game Informer magazine in the US, including a breakdown on each of the game’s three main characters, dynamic missions, and more.


Source: CVG UK

Rockstar: ‘Now is the best time for GTA V’

All the best console games come out at the end of the lifecycle







Rockstar’s Dan Houser has explained the studio’s decision to release Grand Theft Auto V on the current crop of consoles.

“Rockstar is a content company, not a hardware company,” the studio’s vice president of creative told Famitsu (via Polygon).

“We use the technology we have to create content, and we try not to let ourselves get beholden to the hardware.

Houser went on to describe the development of GTA IV – the only series entry to date on Xbox 360 and PS3 – as tumultuous, noting that the maturation of the hardware has paved the way for a much better game.

“The fact that hardware’s so mature right now is exactly why we’re able to go on to the next level. GTA 4 was our first attempt at a new platform and HD visuals, so the first part of development was seriously difficult,” he explained.

“Now we know what the hardware’s capable of, so it’s become a lot easier to move things along and a lot more fun, too. GTA: San Andreas came out at the peak of the PlayStation 2’s cycle, and we put out a really good game thanks to that.

“All the best games for a console come out at the end of the lifecycle, right? So now’s the best timing of all.”

Hit the link for more GTA V gameplay details on the likes of bank heists, dynamic missions and underwater missions.


Source: CVG UK