8GB of Free Space Needed on Your PS3 to Play Grand Theft Auto V

First gameplay footage and multiplayer details on the way.

Industry giant Rockstar Games is aiming to deliver the biggest open world in its history with Grand Theft Auto V, so it’s not particularly surprising that the impending sequel will consume a sizeable chunk of your console’s hard drive. Writing on its official website, the developer confirmed that you’ll need 8GB of free space on your PlayStation 3 in order to play the game. As with most other releases, you’ll be able to boot the adventure as soon as this data has been installed.

Elsewhere in the post, the company confirmed that it’s set to release some gameplay footage of the sandbox thriller soon. “The first official gameplay video is on its way,” said a spokesperson, adding that the firm is also “very excited” to share multiplayer details later this summer. Mmm, we can’t wait.

[via rockstargames.com]



The Last of Us Gets New Female Character

Naughty Dog sure does love teasing us with The Last of Us information. After the mind-blowing E3 demo for the game, we were told that we’ll have to wait until the VGA’s on December 7th for another world exclusive trailer, complete with brand new gameplay footage.

Now, in the latest issue of Game Informer, this image has surfaced of Ellie, Joel, and a mysterious woman:

We don’t know who she is or what she has to do with the story, but this quote was featured within the issue:

“It looks as though Joel and Ellie are joined by this mysterious woman… Who is she? Can she be trusted? Stay tuned.”

With just under a month before the VGA’s we have that much time to speculate just who this woman is, so let us know your wildest theories in the comments section below.

The Last of Us will launch exclusively for the PlayStation 3 at some point in 2013.


Elder Scrolls Online video features first ever gameplay footage

A new developer diary for The Elder Scrolls Online has been released.

ZeniMax discusses creating “one of the most socially-connected MMOs ever”

The Elder Scrolls Online Screenshot

As well as offering the first ever gameplay footage of the in development MMO, it features the team at ZeniMax Online Studios discussing how it’s “bringing the rich history of The Elder Scrolls series online” and “developing one of the most socially-connected MMOs ever created”.


Nick Konkle, lead gameplay and combat designer on The Elder Scrolls Online, has told CVG that the title is being designed to be “accessible to anyone”.

Bethesda has confirmed an Elder Scrolls Online release date window of 2013 on PC and Mac.


Source:CVG UK