PS4 + PS VITA Ultimate Edition bundle “rumored” for December posted an image claimed to be of a Sony ad from this week’s issue of MCV, and it shows the bundle dated for December 2013.

In a move that should come as a surprise to exactly no one who has been paying attention to Sony for the last six months, it looks like this holiday season there will be a PlayStation 4 bundle that will include the PS Vita.

Sony really wants you to buy a PS Vita. On its own, the portable console hasn’t done particularly well. The games are expensive, the storage options are expensive, the mobile data version of the console is expensive, and it’s really just not an overly compelling experience unless you are a huge fan of Sony exclusive titles.

Over the last couple of months, Sony has worked incredibly hard to change this increasingly negative opinion. They have dropped the price of storage, opened the door to a huge selection of low cost indie games, and created a truly impressive cross platform experience with the PS4.

According to MCV, Sony intends to run a £2.5m television campaign called “The Best Way to Play” to highlight how the PS Vita integrates with PS4, as well as promoting the handheld’s title Tearaway.

Leading up to the next-gen console’s launch, Sony has been highlighting PS Vita’s integrated features with the console. These features include second screen functionality through the official PlayStation smartphone application and PS4’s Remote Play capability, which allows supported PS4 games to be played on the PlayStation Vita via a wi-fi connection. Announced games that support the feature include Diablo 3, Assassin’s Creed 4: Back Flag, Resogun and many more.

To leverage these features, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia’s managing director Michael Ephraim recently told Polygon that Sony is “looking at ” Vita price drops and possible handheld/console bundles.

PS4 and PS Vita

Given the $100 price gap Sony currently has with the other holiday console this year, the company has considerable breathing room for this particular play. Since the PS4 Remote Play feature already supports some of the bigger titles for the holiday launch, not the least of which is the big RP demo title Knack, if Sony could price this to be only $50 or $100 more than the Xbox One’s barebones kit it would still stand a reasonable chance of selling well.


PS4 and PS Vita Bundle Rumored To Be Releasing for $500 By End of Year


According to a “well-placed anonymous source” speaking to Machinima’s Inside Gaming Daily, a hardware bundle consisting of Sony’s next generation console, the PS4, and their struggling handheld, the PS Vita, could be releasing by year’s end. And with it would come with a staggering value packed into the bundle which could be priced at only $500—$150 is savings if you were to purchase each separately.

This could mean a few things. Maybe a PS Vita price drop announcement is coming at gamescom in just a couple of weeks, which would make the price difference and savings only $100 (or less), making the bundle seem more financially reasonable for Sony. It also could mean that Sony is planning on marketing the PS Vita as the perfect PS4 companion device due to its remote play and cross-play capabilities. Or, it could be just another rumor that never happens.

Whatever happens, Sony could use to sell a few more PS Vita systems, and this could be a great way to do so at an excellent value for consumers. How about you? Would you purchase a PS4 and PS Vita bundle at $500 if one were available?