“World Of Warcraft” movie trailer shown to fans at San Diego Comic-Con

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If you are in San Diego and were lucky enough to get tickets to Comic-Con then you might have been even luckier to have gotten a chance to see Legendary Pictures show a small trailer for Blizzard’s famous MMO “World of Warcraft” The trailer will supposedly not be released to fans online, although with the way leaks have been going on with this country’s vital top secrets, I would expect (and hope) something will get out by the end of the week.

The trailer shows a human warrior in armor and what appears to be a giant green skinned Orc with a hammer. The two appear to charge at each other as an explosion reveals the text…WARCRAFT.

Originally, director Sam Raimi was connected to the project but left to film “OZ the Great and Powerful” due to rumors suggesting he and Blizzard were not seeing eye to eye and Raimi saying Blizzard “mismanaged” the film.

The movie will start filming in early 2014 and is expected to have a budget of over $100 milion dollars, hopefully seeing a release date for 2016.

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Is this relevant anymore to you? Are you excited? How many of you still play WOW?

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World of Warcraft movie starts shooting early 2014

Film being helmed by Moon and Source Code director Duncan Jones

World of Warcraft Movie

Producer Charles Roven told SlashFilm: “First quarter 2014 we’re going to shoot that movie.”

Evil Dead and Spider-Man director Sam Raimi originally signed up to make a film based on the game back in July 2009, although the project is now being directed by Duncan Jones, who helmed Moon and Source Code.

In March of this year, Raimi claimed the project was significantly held up while under his watch due to “mismanagement” on the game studio’s behalf.

World of Warcraft lost approximately 1.3 million subscribers in the first quarter of calendar year 2013, Activision Blizzard said last month

Activision boss Bobby Kotick said further quarterly declines “are likely” as the year progresses, raising “concerns” as the firm heads towards the competitive holiday period.

He said Blizzard intends to release new content more frequently, to keep players engaged and to make it easier for lapsed players to return to the game.

Blizzard confirmed last week that its unannounced MMO, codenamed Titan, is undergoing “large design and technology changes”. According to reports, Titan is now not expected to release until 2016.

I must admit, I am not as pumped as I was maybe 1 or 2 years ago for this movie. I stopped playing around that time because I just got bored, plus I was studying so my time was being taken so maybe thats why. I just feel the “WOW” factor for a WOW movie is not as strong as it once was, maybe I am wrong because I’ve been out of it a while. Don’t get me wrong, I love World of Warcraft and I just received a free 7 day invite to come back and play which I will do to see what has changed. I would love to see a well made movie or maybe even a trilogy.

Who else is excited for this… or not? Let me know below. Thanks!