Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter cancelled

Precursor Games to pull the plug on crowdfunding campaign, promises to re-launch in weeks with “exciting new developments”

Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter cancelled

Precursor Games raised plenty of eyebrows with its crowdfunding campaign for a spiritual successor to Silicon Knights’ Eternal Darkness, but it hadn’t raised the money it needed. Precursor today announced it would be halting the Kickstarter three weeks into a five-week campaign, and with less than $300,000 raised of the $1.5 million originally sought. Precursor CEO Paul Caporicci explained the move today in an update to the project’s Kickstarter page.

“Since we announced this Kickstarter campaign we have seen more support from our community than we had ever hoped for,” Caporicci said. “Along with this support has come a host of a new exciting opportunities that will make the game better than we envisioned. As a result, we have chosen to temporarily take down the Shadow of the Eternals crowdfunding campaigns on both Kickstarter and our own website on Thursday, June 6.”

Caporicci promised that the Kickstarter campaign would be re-launched in a few weeks with more news about those opportunities. In the meantime, the current Kickstarter campaign will be closed shy of its goal so backers won’t actually be charged, and Caporicci said pledges made through other channels will be fully refunded via PayPal.

The Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter has drawn attention for the participation of Silicon Knights founder and Precursor Games chief creative officer Denis Dyack. The developer had kept a low profile since Silicon Knights laid off much of its staff after releasing the critical and commercial flop X-Men: Destiny, and a report surfaced with former employees accusing Dyack of intentionally diverting resources from that game in order to prep an Eternal Darkness 2 demo to shop around to publishers. (Precursor confirmed that it purchased art assets from Silicon Knights to use for Shadow of the Eternals.) Dyack finally addressed the accusations in a video during the Kickstarter campaign, saying he had previously kept silent on them because he didn’t think anyone would believe them.



Avalanche defends Xbox One reveal

Christofer Sundberg backs Microsoft’s strategy for the new machine

Avalanche Studios

Avalanche Studios’ founder and chief creative officer has come out in support of Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal this month, which faced some criticisms over its focus on television and sports, rather than games.

“Microsoft has said that it wants to make the Xbox One an entertainment center,” Christofer Sundberg told Edge.

“If it was dubbed the ultimate gaming machine at this point, Microsoft would lose the attention of general media. This way, they are grabbing mainstream attention first and can focus entirely on gamers at E3. After that they’ll have both in their grasp. The Xbox is and has always been a gaming platform, and I don’t see that changing with the Xbox One.”

He also praised the connected nature of the machine and the potential that leant to open world games, something Avalanche specialises in with titles like Just Cause 2, and that the player data gathered from online features would help the studio shape future games.

Sundberg was also complimentary of the Kinect, especially in regards to his hopes for making a more family friendly title.

“I have dreamt of making an open-world/sandbox game for kids for many years and in that case I can see a strong support for the Kinect enhancing the experience, while I have a hard time making a perfect fit with some of our games in development at the moment.”



2 million downloads in 3 months for Pixel People

iOS game brings in $700,000 for creators Lambdamu

Pixel People

Developer Lambdamu has cited its partnership with publisher Chillingo as key to the success of its iOS title Pixel People. The game has achieved 2 million downloads and $700,000 in revenue in the 3 months since launch.

CEO Ivan Loo said the decision to work with Chillingo was driven by the need for “a huge PR splash.”

The decision was a good one, the game secured 1 million downloads two weeks after launch. Interestingly chief creative officer Abhishek Radhakrishnan added that success may mean the next Lambdamu game may not need a publisher at all.

“Even if people don’t know Lambdamu, we can say ‘from the makers of Pixel People’ on the next game’s splash screen.”

LambdaMu Games is based in Singapore and is currently focused on iOS titles. Its other games include Infinight, Dice Soccer and Crazy Critters.