Pandaren and Monk Trainers appear in starting zones

by Olivia Grace


As Olivia Grace states below in her article, Pandarens are showing up in Azeroth in anticipation of Monday’s exciting expansion launch. You might have already seen these NPC’s (Non Player Characters) around also.


As the lifting of the Mists of Pandaria draws ever closer, changes are already starting to take place, and out of nowhere, what must currently be exceedingly enigmatic pandaren are coming out of the woodwork into our game world.

Tsu the Wanderer has made it to the troll island, where he can be found sparring with Zabrax, the newly arrived monk trainer, and the only trainer who is not a pandaren. In the orc start zone, Gato is standing in a group with some other trainers, enjoying what appears to be rather an awkward silence, while in the Undead zone, the amusingly named Ting, strong of Stomach, is offered various delights by Archibald Kava. Shoyu (d’you see what they did there?) seems to fit right in with the Tauren, but Pao, the lonely pandaren among the blood elves, seems a tad more incongruous.

Bao, the trainer in the human zone seems to have been offered better hospitality than the warlock, rogue, or hunter trainers, given that he’s allowed indoors. The citizens of Anvilmar have shown Lo similar hospitality. Laoxi, a pandaren among night elves, has been permitted access to the innermost rooms in Aldrassil, but the Stormstout family’s reputation can’t have spread as far as Ammen Vale, given that the draenei seem to be excluding Mojo Stormstout from their rooms!

Lastly, and arguably most adorably, Xi, Friend to the Small, can be found sparring with three barefoot gnome monk trainees in the snow of Dun Morogh.