Darksiders 2 and Assassin’s Creed 3 Wii U vs Xbox 360 comparisons

Assassin’s Creed 3 looks pretty much the same, while Darksiders 2 has some difference between the two editinos.

We recently posted a comparison between the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Wii U version and the Xbox 360/PS3 version. Suffice to say, the difference wasn’t that big, in fact, the games looked nearly identical.

Now we got a few more comparison videos. This time, the Darksiders 2 Wii U version is compared to the Xbox 360, and so is Assassin’s Creed 3.

Darksiders 2

Darksiders 2 shows some difference between the two versions, and it appears that the Xbox 360 has more details and shorter loading times. However, the textures and draw distance on the Wii U seem to be better.

Assassin’s Creed 3

Assassin’s Creed 3 looks pretty much identical. This is on par with what Ubisoft has been saying for a while: that all versions will look the same.


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Massive Assassin’s Creed III Patch

Patch Promises To Solve Many of the Game’s Problems

Assasins Creed 3

Ubisoft promised a big patch for Assassin’s Creed III and it looks like they’re delivering. The game’s huge “Thanksgiving” patch, set for release next week has a lot of fixes.


Some of the fixes will be spoilers (there’s a boring non-spoiler version of the changes here). Read on at your own risk. But let me make something clear: they say they are fixing the chases.

Here’s the full list of patch notes, via the Ubisoft forums, with some notes from me for emphasis.


Multiplayer Modes

  • ASSASSINATE – Instances where it was possible for players to kill players that were not their target in Assassinate have been corrected.
  • ASSASSINATE – Bodyguards no longer fail to stun when they are locked by the pursuer of the player they protect.
  • DEATHMATCH – In Fort Wolcott, fixed a bug where players would remained stuck on warmup screen.
  • MANHUNT – The cooldown boosts for loss streak bonus are not permanently active for all abilities during a manhunt round anymore.

Multiplayer Abilities

  • Loss Streak now correctly triggers when players lose their contracts five times in a row.
  • Disruption now breaks the hitting player’s lock.
  • The Smoke Bomb’s drop behavior has been updated. It now drops at the user’s feet instead of dropping in front of them. However, if players drop it from a ledge, it will drop below them.
  • Throwing Knives used against players hiding in haystacks will now make them get out of this haystack.
  • Using Throwing Knives against a target now prevents the target from contesting the kill.
  • Players are no longer stuck after using the Money Bomb from a ledge.

Multiplayer Ladders

  • Several issues which occurred when players would quit a Manhunt pre-session lobby and join their friends the same session later have been corrected.
  • After a session ends on a draw, both teams will now receive the same rate for Abstergo ladder, instead of one team getting a winning rate and the other getting a losing rate.
  • Players are now granted Abstergo points normally even if one or several players get the idle state at the end of the session (The idle players do not get any Abstergo points)

Multiplayer Misc

  • It is now possible for players to lock their target when their target has just stunned them.
  • Changing the ability set three times during a game can no longer reset the ability’s cooldown.
  • The X icon no longer inaccurately persistently displays.
  • It is no longer possible for players to get up and perform a kill under certain conditions while they’re vulnerable.
  • Transitions to join Multiplayer sessions after an invite now work correctly.
  • Warm up games are no longer interrupted when the host player leaves.
  • It is now possible to stun a vulnerable pursuer.
  • The X icon no longer displays above the pursuer’s previous target when they have been stunned after being vulnerable.


Platform: All

  • Location: Sequence 1 – 12:
  • Mission – “A DEADLY PERFORMANCE” – Mission result screen could show an incorrect sync reward
  • Mission – “A DEADLY PERFORMANCE” – Players could be stuck in the opera if they backtracked in a certain way after killing the target.
  • Mission – “INFILTRATING SOUTHGATE” – Target would not be spawned if the player failed to perform a meat shield during the firing line tutorial
  • Mission – “INFILTRATING SOUTHGATE” – Fixed multiple bugs where the guard on the boat could walk in circles, stay stuck or jump on the railing. [NOTE FROM STEPHEN: We chronicled this bug during launch week… we’ll miss the rail-jump.]
  • Mission – “JOHNSON’S ERRAND” – Fixed floating muskets after a cinematic.
  • Mission – “JOHNSON’S ERRAND” – Moved HUD icon on the explosive barrel on the ground instead of above the cart, because that’s what the player needs to shoot.
  • Mission – “JOHNSON’S ERRAND” – prevent the player from using hide spots during part the mission to avoid a possible mission break.
  • Mission – “THE SOLDIER” – Fixed a missing audio line.
  • Mission – “THE SURGEON” – Fixed a bug where the eavesdropping tutorial couldn’t be completed if the mission was restarted.
  • Mission – “THE SURGEON” – Fixed NPC not reacting to the player’s presence during the steal tutorial.
  • Mission – “THE SURGEON” – Fixed optional objectives that could fail too easily.
  • Mission – “WELCOME TO BOSTON”- When replaying the mission, when asked to buy a sword and pistol, those items would already be purchased.
  • Mission – “WELCOME TO BOSTON” – Fixed Possible mission break if the player shoots the horse he’s supposed to ride.
  • Mission – “UNCONVINCED” – Fixed a bug where the player could enter the tavern too early and break the mission.
  • Mission – “UNCONVINCED” – Blocked accidental blending during the tavern fight, which could break the mission.
  • Mission – “FEATHERS AND TREES” – Fixed a bug where the optional objective “Do not touch the ground” could fail too easily.
  • Mission – “HUNTING LESSONS” – Fixed the issue where the bear could flee and eventually freeze. [NOTE FROM STEPHEN: Good news for the bear, I guess.]
  • Mission – “A BOORISH MAN” – After the mission, the candelabra would display an interaction effect while the secret door to the basement was already opened.
  • Mission – “RIVER RESCUE” – Blocked the player from diving in the river too early which could break the mission.
  • Mission – “STOP THE PRESSES” – Cinematic could sometimes not trigger, breaking the mission.
  • Mission – “THE HARD WAY” – Fixed the optional objective “Do not take any damage” that would fail if the player hits rocks even if it doesn’t deal damage to the ship
  • Mission – “ON JOHNSON’S TRAIL” – Fixed issue where Chapheau could become inactive if the player dragged the fight far from where it started.
  • Mission – “THE ANGRY CHEF” – Fixed issue where the “limit health loss” optional objective would wrongly fail if the player reloads a checkpoint or dies. Also fix the displayed limit to 33% as that’s what’s actually used.
  • Mission – “THE ANGRY CHEF” – fixed missing butcher hatchet during cinematic if blood option is turned off
  • Mission – “BRIDEWELL PRISON” – Closed the cell doors while being escorted to prevent the player from getting stuck in them
  • Mission – “BRIDEWELL PRISON” – fixed voices becoming muffled mid-eavesdropping
  • Mission – “SOMETHING ON THE SIDE” – Fixed missing ocean during the chase
  • Mission – “SOMETHING ON THE SIDE” – Made the chase part easier [NOTE FROM STEPHEN: This is the much-hated Hickey chase that I passed only when he bumped into a wagon. Hooray!]
  • Mission – “A BITTER END” – Fixed a camera glitch if the player reloads last checkpoint during a certain cinematic
  • Mission – “A BITTER END” – Fixed a glitch that could happen if the player restarted the mission during a specific cinematic
  • Mission – “FATHER AND SON” – Fixed a bug where the guard you’re supposed to kill would not reappear if the player starts fighting him and then runs away.
  • Mission – “FATHER AND SON” – The mission could not be completed if the guard the player kills the target he’s supposed to steal using a stealth kill from bench or a rope-dart hanging move.
  • Mission – “MISSING SUPPLIES” – Disabled a patrol that would almost guarantee failing the mission if they detected and started fighting Haytham
  • Mission – “ALTERNATE METHODS” – Made the chase section easier
  • Mission – “BROKEN TRUST” – fixed a bug where the player could be stuck on a horse if he exited and re-entered the Animus at a specific moment
  • Mission – “LEE’S LAST STAND” – removed a destructible barrel that could cause problems if used as part of a contextual counter-attack.
  • Mission – “CHASING LEE” – Adjusted difficulty on the Charles Lee chase [NOTE FROM STEPHEN: This is the other hated chase in the game that many players complained about. It is/was the hardest mission in the game.]
  • Mission – “LAID TO REST” – Fixed a bug where the mission could be failed if redcoats start fighting the mission targets
  • Location: Side Quest:
  • BOSTON BRAWLERS – Mission “PETER BUNYON”, prevent the player from hiding, which would break the mission
  • BOSTON BRAWLERS – Mission “THE TOURNAMENT”, fixed a bug where the player could blend with spectators and break the mission
  • BOSTON BRAWLERS – Prevent using anything else than the fists during all fistfights
  • Boston Liberation Missions, North District – fixed an issue where some events would not complete properly if the player used an assassin recruit to kill the target.
  • COLLECTIBLES – fixed some chests that were not properly aligned when lock picking
  • COLLECTIBLES – removed the glow effect from chests during lock picking
  • COURIER MISSIONS – fixed a bug where mission update popup messages could be missing or wrong when delivering letters
  • FORT ST-MATHIEU – fixed a bug where the player could respawn inside the fort’s reset zone, which could break the fort’s logic
  • FRONTIERSMEN – Challenge 3, fixed a bug where objective “visit every tavern” would complete after visiting only 1 tavern
  • FRONTIERSMEN – mission “MONSTER OF THE SEA”, fixed a bug where sometimes eavesdroppings could not be completed
  • HUNTING SOCIETY – mission “THE MAN-EATER”, fixed a bug where the smaller locate zone would disappear if the player scans all clues outside of it
  • HUNTING SOCIETY – mission “THE PATRIARCH”, fixed a where the search zone could disappear from the map after interacting with the 1st clue
  • New York Liberation Missions – mission “PROTECT THE CLINIC”, fixed the mission not failing if the player goes too far from the area to protect.
  • New York Liberation Missions – West District, fixed a bug where the NPCs guarding the infected blankets could sometimes not be there.
  • Location: Boston: Removed map icon on the door of Molyneux Tavern in Boston, until it is required by a specific mission
  • Location: DLC: Fixed a bug where the wrong language could be selected even if the proper language DLC is installed
  • Location: Epilogue: Animus Synching tutorial, forced subtitles on off-camera voice, so that the player doesn’t think the game is frozen
  • Location: Frontier:
  • Fixed a bug where players could respawn and desync immediately in a loop if he died in the Valley Forge region before unlocked. Also patches players which savegame are already stuck
  • Fixed a bug where the player could respawn under the ground in a loop, in two different places
  • Plugged a hole in the ground where players could fall through the map [NOTE FROM STEPHEN: Aww. Bummer.]
  • Location: Global:
  • A text message is now visible on-screen at all times while a skippable cinematic is playing
  • Added a failsafe to the animals navigation, to prevent them from getting stuck
  • After the end credits, put the hood back up when not in Homestead [NOTE FROM STEPHEN: Oddly, this seemed to be requested a lot. Well, there you go.]
  • Disabled special attacks with heavy weapons on animals
  • Fixed a bug where the player could not equip a color change on the normal outfit from a shop if they are currently wearing a special outfit.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could not finish enemies on ground if they were thrown in deep snow
  • Fixed a bug where there wouldn’t be any reticle when precision aiming if the SSI option was turned off
  • Fixed a few rare bugs where the player could fall through the map while swimming or diving
  • Fixed various rare crashes
  • Greatly reduced the probability of animals to get stuck inside an object [NOTE FROM STEPHEN: Sounds good.]
  • Location: Homestead:
  • Fixed a rare bug where the Homestead upgrade progress could be lost after fast-travelling to the homestead
  • Mission “BOWLS BEGINNER” – Removed possibility to quit the bowls game after a reload, which would fail the mission.
  • Mission “CUTTING TIES”, fixed a bug where the NPC could react to fights or dead bodies and flee away, breaking the mission
  • Mission “NORRIS GOES COURTING”, fixed a bug where Norris would not reappear if the player goes too far from him.
  • Mission “THE PROPER TOOLS”, fixed multiple glitches where the Quest Log could become inconsistent
  • Mission “THE WEDDING”, fixed a missing audio line
  • Mission “THOUSAND-POUND IDEA”, fixed a bug where NPCs required for the mission could disappear and break the mission
  • Mission “TOOLS OF THE TRADE”, fixed mission not failing if Lance falls in the water
  • Mission “WHITE TROPHY”, make the cougar immune to explosions to prevent a possible mission break
  • Side-quest “ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE COMMON MAN”, fixed a bug where the quest could sometimes not be completed
  • Location: Menus:
  • Added a wait message for some cases where the game could appear frozen if some servers are unresponsive
  • Animus Database, fixed updates of Kaniehtí:io entry that would be unlocked too early and spoil the fact that… [censored] [NOTE FROM STEPHEN: This is a good fix, because it spoiled one of the game’s last twists way too early.]
  • Fixed a bug where the player’s friends’ Uplay wall would get spammed by previously completed missions and sequences when the player reloads his game
  • Fixed leaderboards ranking the player as #1 when he’s actually alone on it
  • Homestead mission icons are now displayed on the map when selecting the “Missions” filter
  • Present pause menu, fixed a possible glitch if the player enters the controls section and leaves it very fast

Platform: PS3

  • Fixed wrong message after purchasing a DLC and leaving the store
  • Westpoint DLC – mission “A SPY AMONG US”, fixed a bug where required characters would disappear and not come back if the player went too far from them
  • Westpoint DLC – fixed a bug where the player could fall through the map by going through the gate while in conflict

Platform: Xbox 360

  • Location: Menus: Removed Benedict Arnold icon from the map legend

Wow, that’s a lot. Anything fixable that they missed?

Source: Kotaku

Trophy Breaking Glitches in Assassin’s Creed 3

Assassins Creed 3 Glitch Header

*Spoiler Warning* – The article below may contain minor spoilers for Assassin’s Creed III.

While Assassin’s Creed III was released to glowing reviews, our own included, players have admitted that the game is full of minor glitches and bugs, oftentimes entertaining rather than aggravating or game breaking. One such glitch places as many as six Achilles around the homestead manor. Another places a knocked out soldier in a standing position instead of lying down clutching his stomach. Connor can still pick up his body and move him around but he always remains standing when he is thrown back on the ground.

Despite a massive day-one patch for the game, these glitches are so prevalent that a large portion of forum threads on Assassin’s Creed III are devoted to either specific bugs or the glitches in general. A quick review of posts by players shows that some bugs are not so innocent as an invincible deer that cannot be killed by a pack of wolves.

One trophy in the game requires you to get 100% on everything. This means collecting all feathers, chests, trinkets, underground entrances, completing all of the challenges, along with getting full synchronization on all main and side missions. Players have reported glitches that leave them with only a certain percentage of the underground fast travel stations discovered, when they know they have found them all. There is also a bug in which the player cannot complete the frontiersman missions.

As a trophy hunter myself, I am always after everything in a game, which is why it was so aggravating to find that I could not complete the frontiersman UFO mission. Suddenly the standing knocked out soldiers aren’t so funny anymore.  At 74% completion about 26 hours in, I am hard pressed to have to go back and do everything all over again just to get this one mission finished, while possibly risk running into it or one of the other bugs on my second play through.

While these problems are not affecting the  main missions (that we are aware of), the issues are extremely painful for players seeking 100%, especially when discovered so late into the game. As of yet, no one has reported any easy workarounds or fixes for the problems getting 100% completion. We have emailed Ubisoft’s support regarding the issue but have not yet received a reply, we’ll keep you updated as we hear further details. Hopefully a patch is in the works to at least fix the trophy-breaking issues. I’m ok with invincible deer.

Have you run into any glitches in Assassin’s Creed III? Do you go after every collectible in games or do you just play through the story missions? Let us know about your glitched trophy woes in the comments below.



Assassin’s Creed 3 Collectibles Guide: Unlock Everything!

Assassin's Creed 3 Collectibles Guide

Assassin’s Creed 3 Collectibles: Unlockable Outfits, Multiplayer Characters, Assassin Recruits, Mementos, Completion Trophies, Treasure Maps and Chests, and Keys Guide

Assassin’s Creed III is out and it is, by all accounts, an awesome game that lives up to the strong premise of its predecessors and then some. The game offers more in terms of combat, storytelling, and traversal as you take on the role of Connor Kenway, a half-Native American Assassin who finds it in himself to bring justice to the frontier during the age of the American Revolution.

Like the previous games in the Assassin’s Creed series, there’s plenty of things for you to unlock as you progress through the game, accomplish missions, and unlock memory sequences that not only serve as the game’s chapters but also provide you with indicators of your progress through Desmond’s genetic memory of Connor Kenway.

If you consider yourself a completionist*, then you’ll find great use of the guide beyond to aid you in unlocking everything in Assassin’s Creed III.


  1. a person who feels compelled to discover and unlock every bit of content in a videogame.
Unlockable Outfits

The biggest unlocks—or at least the most interesting ones—come in the form of outfits for you to dress Connor up however you please. These range from location-based outfits as well as a few special ones that you can only get by accomplishing more difficult collection tasks. Here they are in full:

Sequence 06
Boston Outfit
Jamestown Outfit
Charleston Outfit

Sequence 07
New York Outfit
Philadelphia Outfit
Baltimore Outfit

Complete all Optional Objectives
Altair’s Outfit

Complete Oak Island Naval Location
Captain Kidd’s Outfit

Complete Achilles’ Painting Mission
Achilles’ Original Outfit

Collect all Feathers
Kanien’keha:ka Outfit

Ezio’s Outfit

The Uplay Outfit has to be unlocked through Ubisoft’s Uplay achievements system, so be sure to sign in to claim it. Here’s what it looks like in combat:

Multiplayer Characters

In addition to the single player costumes, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock a host of costumed characters by playing through the campaign. Some of these characters are harder to get and will require you to collect specific mementos (detailed below)

The characters you can unlock include

William Johnson Patron, John Pitcairn Patron, Thomas Hickey, Charles Lee, Benjamin Church, Haytham Kenway, and Israel Putnam.

Certain characters must be unlocked by acquiring hunting mementos, which you can get from completing hunting challenges. These include the Black Bear Hunter, the Wolf Hunter, the Cougar Hunter, the Elk Hunter, Bobcat Hunter, and the Deer Hunter. Completing every hunting challenge will unlock the Master Hunter.

Finally, completing the game’s single player campaign will unlock the Huntsman character, whom you can see below. Huntsman

Assassin Recruits

Just like in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Asssassin’s Creed Revelations, Connor will have the ability to recruit new Assassins to aid him in his task. Each of these assassins comes with his or her own special ability, allowing you to use them to great effect during missions.

Here’s where you’ll find each of them and what their abilities are.

The first of the recruits, Stephane Chapheau, can be found in Sequence 6, Memory 2. You’ll have to play through the mission to acquire him, from which point on you’ll be able to recruit other special assassins.

Completing the various liberation missions in North and South Boston, and North, East, and West parts of New York will unlock the following Assassin recruits, whose abilities are as follows:

Duncan Little, Bodyguard
Clipper Wilkinson, Marksman
Jamie Colley, Ambush
Jacob Zenger, Covert Escort
Dobby Carter, Lure Away

Treasure Maps and Chests, and Keys

As it is with all the previous Assassin’s Creed games, you can purchase maps from stores to acquire the locations of treasure chests on each map. Getting to most of these chests is easy and requires some amount of traversal. The rewards contained in each chest appear to be randomized, so simply open them whenever you come across them.

It’s a good idea to clear a location of chests before moving on to the next or you’ll end up having to backtrack through locations to find those you missed.

You’ll be able to purchase maps once you’ve unlocked it in Sequence 04. Storekeepers will carry maps for each of the locations in the game, as well as feather locations for Lexington, John’s Town, Monmouth, and Black Creek. Additionally, some vendors will sell you maps containing the locations of trinkets and almanac pages.

To unlock these chests, you’ll need to complete certain missions or sequences to acquire their keys. You’ll have to pass Sequence 05 to acquire the Frontier key, and Memory 02 in Sequence 06 for the Boston Central key. Completing the Liberation missions in Boston and New York will give you the keys for each of those locations.

Unlike previous Assassin’s Creed titles, you’ll have the opportunity to take on naval missions this time around. In addition to those seabound missions, you’ll have the chance to visit naval locations that are only accessible by sea. To find these locations, you’ll have to discover hidden letters and acquire trinkets.


Mementos are things you can collect throughout the game. Most mementos get unlocked as you pick them up during mission sequences, so keep an eye out for newspapers and paintings. Some mementos require you to complete challenges.  You can review each of these mementos in the Manor, where they’ll be showcased.



Assassin’s Creed III Review (PS3)

When Assassin’s Creed launched early into this once fresh and new generation of consoles, it wasn’t perfect, but you could tell even then that Ubisoft was onto something. The vast, towering cities, easily scalable by a blade-bearing anti-hero were nothing if not ambitious.

Playing as a murderous assassin, cloaked and mysterious, was instantly appealing. But Altaïr was difficult to relate to. Ezio was a step into the right direction in that sense, so much so that he earned a lead role in three separate games. And even though the Italian Renaissance was rich with history known well enough so that it clicked, it didn’t quite hit home.

This is why Ubisoft has had a stroke of pure genius with Connor, who fights for the very freedoms this country was built on, and the setting of the early American colonies during the Revolutionary War being part of a history we all know so well— it’s both relatable, and something we can pour our hearts into.

As well-rounded as Assassin’s Creed III is, it’s this setting and the homegrown heroes of America’s roots that make it truly special. And even more so, just how well Ubisoft has brought the past back to life.

Cities that symbolize everything about the States— like Boston and New York—have been faithfully recreated with detail and care. It’s not just the way the market’s architecture resembles Quincy Market or the New England weather, it’s the way the game invites you to be a part of some of the most significant events in American history. Events like the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, the Boston Tea Party, and the shot heard ’round the world.

Hailing from Boston myself, having lived in Revere, sipped Samuel Adams lager, visited the Hancock building, living only streets away from where Israel Putnam was born, and having always been fascinated by this period of time, putting the outcome of these events in my hands resonates with me in ways I haven’t yet experienced in a video game until now.  Assassin’s Creed III remains both accurate in its re-telling, but with enough fantasy added to keep things interesting, intriguing, and unique. At no point does the story feel ripped from history books, despite staying so true to a reality that once was.

Connor, half-Native American, half-British in his descent, is the perfect character vehicle to drive the entire narrative, representing every angle of cultural turmoil to be found during this era. The duality of his existence shines a light of both sides to every story— for the British occupation, for the colonists, for the Iroquois tribesmen, for the Assassins, and for the Templars.

His Native American heritage also provides a fresh set of weaponry and skills for the series. Yes, the hidden blade may be the staple here; Ezio didn’t have rope darts, snares, or a tomahawk. Nor was he a skilled hunter, able to feel out the land and traverse the treetops with ease. And while these are new to the series, it all bares an air of familiarity.

Swiftly climbing trees and hopping branch from branch using free run is as simple as climbing the side of a building, though occasionally, free run can be a thorn during chase scenes or when fleeing from pursuers. Although rare, nothing is more frustrating than running for your life around a corner, only to faux-jump up the side of a wall, allowing for your capture.

But in a world, and a game so massive and replete, there is little to complain about. And most all of it—the combat, the exploration, the trade, the main story, and even the side-missions—is so enjoyable, it’s easy to forgive the few minor issues you may or may not discover. More glaring, are the random Desmond missions. I do understand why Desmond’s story exists: to explain backstory and tie multiple games in the series together. But when you’re so enveloped in the world and your mission, suddenly warping to a Sci-fi future is jarring and unwelcome.

Much better distractions can be found among the hours and hours’ worth of Homestead, Liberation, or miscellaneous missions. Whether you are locating Ben Franklin’s almanac pages or saving a family from eviction due to British taxation, they all have purpose. And there is so much of this type of content, you can play over 20 hours of the main story, yet have only scratched the surface of what ACIII offers in extras—at least double that of the main playtime, if not triple. It’s that large in scope and scale.

Still, it’s the captivating narrative driving the main campaign that deserves the most attention and will serve you best. It’s a fine example of dynamic character relationships, both between characters, and with the player in control. Even with so much to do otherwise, the main story is so compelling; it’s difficult to pull yourself away from to experience all the small tasks strewn about.

With very little down time, each sequence goes from high point to high point, offering plenty of variety between each. Some may require a careful approach, others may be best approached with a firm hand and hidden blade, while others yet can put you at the helm of a mighty vessel, staying the course against powerful waves, winds, and the onslaught of cannon fire from enemy ships.

In the some sixteen to twenty hours you will spend watching the story unfold, you will never be bored, rarely be frustrated, and eagerly anticipate the next scenario. When it does come to an end, although it’s satisfying, it’s sad to see this journey come to an end. But that’s when you realize the wealth of content that still awaits you scattered all over the map and within the online multiplayer modes.

Single-player excels more than enough to let Assassin’s Creed III stand on that merit alone. With a campaign so strong, and so many hours of content to be found, Assassin’s Creed III doesn’t need multiplayer. But that doesn’t mean that what is offered isn’t of the game’s benefit.

A fresh step away from the monotonous shooters found in online gaming,Assassin’s Creed III’s multiplayer focuses more on stealth, hiding, sneaking, and killing without causing a stir. There are many modes, ranging from the typical free-for-all or deathmatch, to others proposing a cat and mouse or hide-n-seek method. The cooperative mode Wolfpack asks players to team up to complete objectives to reap more meaningful rewards. Multiplayer may not be what will make ACIII memorable; however it is quite good too and shouldn’t be ignored.

Admittedly, after a few spin-offs of Ezio’s adventure, Assassin’s Creed as a franchise grew stale to me. The prospect of the new more familiar locale, a new Assassin, and a new engine promised the evolution I was seeking. Ubisoft has delivered in spades. Assassin’s Creed III takes everything that worked well in previous titles, sprinkled in a touch of Red Dead Redemption, tweaked the combat to be as smooth as Batman: Arkham City, borrowed the cinematic and character development of Uncharted 2, and polished it all off to be one of, if not the very best, game of 2012. It will be remembered fondly as one of the crowning achievements of this console generation, and offers a window to what next-generation titles may be capable of in scale, story, and wealth of content.

Source: Anthony Severino-Playstation Lifestyle.net