BioShock Infinite‘s DLC Will Let You Play as Elizabeth. In Rapture.

All of the lead protagonists in the BioShock games have been men. Haunted, lethally determined men. But, thanks to an upcoming downloadable add-on, players will be able to take control of Elizabeth, the AI character who was the focus of BioShock Infinite.

Hundreds of thousands of people gobbled up the twisty, surprise-filled storyline of BioShock Infinite right after it came out. But, it’s probably a safe bet, that most of them haven’t fired the game back up since they finished. Ken Levine and the team at Irrational Games think they have pretty good reasons for those masses to come back. The first is Clash in the Clouds, a new, combat-focused DLC pack that’s available starting today for $5. And, sometime in the future, players will get Burial at Sea, a hardboiled adventure set in 1958 where you’ll play as both Booker and Elizabeth in Rapture. That’s right: Elizabeth will be playable. In Rapture. At the height of the underwater city’s beauty. Interested?

For months, that Season Pass pane in BioShock Infinite‘s menus seemed to tease players holding out for the promise of more adventures in the floating, secessionist city of Columbia. When making the announcement yesterday, Levine said that he and his cohorts at Irrational listened to what fans said they wanted with regard to DLC. The add-ons weren’t farmed off to auxiliary developers, aren’t comprised of content that’s already on the disc and aren’t a bunch of ideas that were set aside for later use by corporate decision-making.

Clash in the Clouds

When Clash in the Clouds hits Steam today, it’ll be only the first add-on for the well-recieved game. Designed by Infinite’s lead level designer Forrest Dowling, Clash in the Clouds puts players against 15 waves of enemies in four all-new maps all across Columbia. Leaderboards will chart how you do against other friends playing these battles and players will earn new achievements and trophies. The extra content also fears new voxaphones for fan-favorite character Rosalind Lutece to flesh out parts of her backstory, as well as new behind-the-scenes video and concept art.

Burial at Sea

The two-part Burial at Sea will drop the lead characters of Infinite into the iconic city from the first BioShock game, in the middle of what looked like a noir-inflected mystery. Levine promised that you’ll be seeing some familiar faces from the underwater city’s tortured history. You can see glimpses of Booker and Elizabeth in Rapture in the teaser above. Levine said that making Elizabeth a playable character was another example of giving fans what they wanted. Burial at Sea will cost $20 for both parts $15 each for both parts, and the BioShock Infinite Season Pass is available for $19.99 (1600 Microsoft Points).

Bioshock Infinite PS3 will not come bundled with Bioshock in EU

Promotion exclusive to North America

Following news earlier this year that Bioshock Infinite will come bundled with a copy of the original Bioshock on PS3, comes a clarification: the offer is exclusive to North America.

Bioshock: Infinite Screenshot

A representative from 2k told Videogamer that the bundle will only be available in North America, meaning European and Australian customers will not receive the offer.

“I can confirm that the PS3 version of Bioshock Infinite in North America contains a copy of the original BioShock. This is not the case in UK as it’s a local promotion in North America,” the rep said.

Bioshock Infinite releases in February 2013. A short gameplay video was released earlier today.

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BioShock Infinite Box Art Revealed.

Bioshock Infinite

After doing a brief tease yesterday, Irrational Games has finally given us the full BioShock Infinite cover art that will launch with the game on February 26th, 2013 worldwide.

Featuring main character Booker DeWitt with a very serious face, here it is:

Bioshock Infinite

While this is just the standard art, NeoGaf did uncover the final PS3 box art which re-confirms that the game will have PlayStation Move support, as well as a free copy of the original BioShock.

Bioshock Infinite

Also, don’t forget that you can always pick up either the BioShock Infinite Premium Edition or Ultimate Songbird Edition and get a whole bunch of extra goodies to go along with your new game.

What do you think of the box art for BioShock Infinite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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No multiplayer for BioShock Infinite

Irrational Games director Ken Levine confirms feature has been scrappd

Bioshock Infinite

The development team working on BioShock Infinite has made the final decision to not include multiplayer components within the game.

Irrational Games, headed up by games director Ken Levine, had weighed up the options for multiplayer for a number of years. But over the weekend Levine confirmed on his personal Twitter account that the feature would not be packaged in the game.

It is speculated, though not confirmed, that the game will come packaged with some kind of online component.

BioShock Infinite, revealed in 2010, is due for release in the first quarter of 2013. The project has been plagued by delays, design changes and a number of resignations.

In August, an eye-opening report on the development of BioShock Infinite showed how a number of former developers had resigned from the studio, with one insider claiming that the Irrational team “has struggled to craft a full game that meets the promise of its early demos”.

But in August, it was revealed that Epic Games’ director of production Rod Fergusson had resigned from the North Carolina studio to join the Boston group Irrational.


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Irrational Games Details BioShock Infinite Special Editions

BioShock Infinite's Ultimate Songbird Edition

BioShock Infinite’s Ultimate Songbird Edition

Just yesterday, Irrational Games teased something on their Twitter account. Now today, studio designer Ken Levine has revealed that BioShock Infinite will be getting two very awesome collectors editions.

The “Premium Edition” includes a slew of goodies, including:

  • A 3-inch baby version keychain of the sold-out Murder of Crows vigor bottle replica.
  • A 5 x 7-inch lithograph by Jorge Lacera.
  • A 25 millimeter, resin-cast Handyman miniature from the upcoming BioShock Infiniteboard game by Plaid Hat Games, makers of Summoner Wars.
  • A mini art book, full of BioShock Infinite concept art and commentary, with a hand-distressed cover.
  • Various digital goodies: exclusive in-game gear, a digital soundtrack, and platform specific downloadable content (Avatar costumes for Xbox 360, and Themes for PC and PlayStation 3).

For those that consider themselves the “ultimate” BioShock fan, Irrational and 2K are offering what they call the “Ultimate Songbird Edition,” which includes the stunning 9.5″ statue you see below as well as everything in the premium package.

The “Premium Edition” will set you back $79.99, while the statue-equipped version will bear a hefty price tag of $149.99. Is it worth the extra money to you? Let us know in the comments below.


October 18, 2012 Written by Alex Osborn