Almost Half of All Americans Over 50 Play Video Games

The NPD Group recently conducted a survey on the behalf of the ESA, which is the industry trade group that represents the game publishers and is responsible for the organization of E3 every year. Their study looked to see what percentage of people over the age of 50 played games and how often they played those games. The NPD Group conducted the survey among 1,800 participants age 50 and older and counted games played on smartphones, video game consoles, portable game consoles, computers or any other game systems.

Out of those respondents, 48% of those adults over 50 reported that they play games. In addition to that, 80% of these gamers reported that they played on a weekly basis and about 45% of the gamers reported that they played daily. In addition to these statistics, the NPD Group study found that they prefer games that mimic traditional forms of game play. The most popular games were card or tile games, puzzle or logic games. The least popular were trivia, word and board games, however first person shooters, real time simulators or role playing games were not taken into account.

The majority of the gamers played at home and most gamed play was done during the later hours of the day. Also, among those that have children in the household, they stated that 63% said that their children influence which games they buy and 62% said their children help them learn about the latest games and game technology.

The NPD Group conducted the survey for ESA among a U.S. representative sample of approximately 1,800 gamers age 50 and older. Survey respondents said they play video games on at least one system or device, such as a smartphone, video game console, portable game console, computer, or other game system.

These findings merely confirm that gaming is not just for kids or young adults, but rather all ages and the games that people prefer will change with time. We can most likely expect that the 50 yearolds in 10 or 20 years will be playing a lot more RTS, FPS and MMORPGs than their parents did at that age.



8 thoughts on “Almost Half of All Americans Over 50 Play Video Games

      • She mostly plays Mario games. She has Diner Dash on her 3DS. She also plays Donkey Kong, and Monopoly. She’s a regular visitor to my blog and is thinking about trying some of the games that I write about :].

      • Animal Crossing maybe but Sims no. She hates the Sims. I come from a family full of gamers. My sister is pushing 40 and she plays Pokemon like crazy :]

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