Xbox One won’t play games on day one without mandatory update

What can be done with the system out of the box? “Nothing. You need the day one update.”

Xbox One

Microsoft’s Xbox One will not be able to play even disc-based games on day one without a mandatory update to the system.

The $499 machine, which goes on sale November 22 worldwide, will require a patch not just for online services and apps, but also retail boxed games and other functions due to shipping with an outdated operating system.

“Functionally, you will be able to do very little without taking the day one update,” Microsoft’s senior director of product management Albert Penello told Engadget.

When asked what consumers could with the console straight out the box, he replied: “Nothing. You need the day one update.”

“A lot of the apps come with the day one update because they wouldn’t have even been done,” detailed Penello. “You’re gonna need to take this update. It’s not gonna be really an optional thing.”

Microsoft’s online services for the Xbox One have been the subject of scrutiny and criticism since they were first revealed at E3.

That disasterous showing forced the company to backtrack on a number of requirements, but the fact remains that the Xbox One is essentially a console that requires near-constant internet connection to function as it was originally designed.



3 thoughts on “Xbox One won’t play games on day one without mandatory update

  1. Glad I switched over to more PC based games… And if I do get a console, It’d have to offer something very innovative. They seem to be backtracking, instead of innovating. The restrictions were plain ridiculous. What about a rainy day, where power lines get knocked down, and all you’ve got is a back up power generator, I’d like to know, internet is not always required! PS4 for me; at least, that seems like the best option for consoles ATM.

  2. Wow that’s just awful. So anyone who doesn’t have a net connection will get home to discover they bought a $500 paper weight.

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