PS4 Won’t Have Dynamic Themes for Purchase & You Can’t Change Your Background, Says Shuhei Yoshida

Here is some good news and bad news when it comes to themes and avatars on the PlayStation 4.

In bad news, the PS4 won’t support user customized themes, you can’t use any picture as your wallpaper, and there won’t be dynamic themes for purchase. Similarly, you can’t change your PS4 backgrounds and there won’t be an alternate OS that looks like the XMB. Since it seems odd that there at least won’t be dynamic themes for purchase, we’ll let you know if any of these points change in the future.

In good news though, you will be able to import a photo from Facebook for your avatar on PS4, and old PS3 owners will keep their PSN avatars.



14 thoughts on “PS4 Won’t Have Dynamic Themes for Purchase & You Can’t Change Your Background, Says Shuhei Yoshida

  1. I didn’t know they were going to change everything! But here’s a question, When you place a video game disc into the disc drive and it loads the material, the background suddenly changes to that game image or poster and the music begins eg. When you place Skyrim in the PS3, the background changes to Dovahkiin on a dragon tail and the theme music begins. Would that still be included you think? Hmm…..

    • I would hope so. Also it’s being pulled from software from the disk and not actually letting you go into settings and place any image on the screen.Hey, you never know. I hope that remains and I also would hope that their decision changes in the future with an update. If Sony receives alot of requests for it’s return. “Power to the Players”!

  2. That sucks… I like personalizing my background on just about everything. I wasn’t planning on getting a PS4 because I don’t have need for a console right now but If I recall correctly I think you personalize the background for the PS3 so what changed?

      • I know. What I meant by that was I have a awesome gaming laptop so im no rush to get a console. I always wait at least a year before i buy one. I’m leaning towards the Xbox One for the exclusives :]

  3. I’m not that disappointed by this. My question: is this really going to cause people to decide against purchasing a PS4?

  4. Almost as soon as I turned on my ps4 I started looking around for how to change the background. It is a bit strange for Sony to not even have a set group of wallpapers. Ultimately not a big deal, but I would rather have a nice game pic (like my The Last of Us background on my PS3) or screenshots of me being awesome in a game (like my Super Star Dust Delta screenshots on Vita). My guess is that this will change to be more like the PS3 (or almost any other device with a screen at this point) within the first year.

    • It is definitely disappointing but not a deal breaker in my opinion. I too have Game wallpapers on my screen that I love to look at but I’m sure that Sony will release an update fixing this because there’s been a lot of complaints about not having it. Since it is a new system there are a lot of updates that will be coming to fix and enhance the PS4’s capabilities and I’m sure Sony is very interested in making its gamers and consumers happy.

      • On a related note: Hopefully they will add a way for me to take the games I have played off of the main screen before I end up with a ridiculously long line to go left and right through. They already have a fine library button, so I’m not really sure why they set it up that way. Overall I really like how minimalistic and sleek the general feel of the main page is. In the end the priorities are the games, and so far I am really enjoying a couple of them. (Resogun in particular!)

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