Video: Sony celebrates PlayStation legacy with PS4 short film

The UK arm of PlayStation has published a short film celebrating some of the past glories, cultural milestones and momentous achievements in the company’s history.


Since 1995 Sony has become a central part of the games industry, producing three home consoles and two handhelds, with its own network of games developers creating acclaimed and pioneering titles from Ico to The Last of Us.

In February, ahead of the PlayStation 4 reveal, the hashtag #PlayStationMemories trended worldwide on Twitter. Inspired by messages from fans, the UK-centric film below aims to show what PlayStation has meant in Britain since its launch almost two decades ago.

The video is designed to evoke nostalgia among those who have grown up with the PlayStation brand ahead of the PS4 release date of November 29 in Europe. It concludes with the following message: “This is for the Players. This is PS4. #4thePlayers”

It also serves as a warm up for Sony Computer Entertainment’s PS4 launch marketing campaign, which will be the biggest in the company’s history.

Following the PS4 hardware reveal in June, Sony released the first commercial for the console. It featured the marketing slogan ‘Greatness Awaits’.

First party PS4 launch games include Killzone Shadow Fall and Knack. Designed by PS4 lead system architect Mark Cerny, Knack is a family friendly game which Sony hopes will introduce a new generation of young players to the PlayStation brand.



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