What is Contrast? Take a look at the free PS Plus game replacing DriveClub

Sony has officially delayed DriveClub, the racing-sim PlayStation Plus subscribers would have received a free version of when the PlayStation 4 launches in November. Instead, you’re getting Contrast.


But what is Contrast? It had a very understated reveal at E3 2013, so chances are a fair few of you might not even have known it existed.

Contrast is the first game from Canadian developer Compulsion Games and, in their own words, is “a mystery centred around cabaret, live jazz, fairgrounds, acrobatics and illusions”. In non-fruity developer terms, that means it’s a platformer wrapped in a vaudevillian theatre aesthetic.

A mystery audience member (spoiler: it’s you!) plays as Dawn, “an enigmatic young lady” on an adventure to explore the world of Contrast and help out her friend Didi.

Dawn is young woman who can become a shadow – a unique ability which allows her to reach otherwise elusive areas.

Didi, meanwhile, is described as “an independent and crafty 8 year old”. Didi is all about keeping it simple, which proves somewhat of a challenge in the complex world of magic, intrigue and deception.

Contrast Screenshot


Contrast Screenshot

Here’s the pitch from the developer:

A little girl, Didi, needs some company – she’s a good kid, but she’s got some family troubles and is livin’ in a complicated adult world. She really needs a pal to help her out – and this is where you come in.

You, the mystery audience member, will play Dawn, an enigmatic young lady tasked with helping Didi as she explores the world of Contrast. You will need to use Dawn’s tricks of light and shadow (through clever special effects, you will be able to become your shadow, at will, whenever your shadow appears on a wall!), and summon up all your improvisational skills to move the story along.


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