Killzone: Shadow Fall to Include 7 Days of PlayStation Plus for Free


In order for as many people to have PlayStation Plus at the time of PS4 launch as possible, Sony already revealed how they would be giving away three full months of PlayStation Plus with DriveClub in North America (Europe gets 50% off 1 year of PS+), which will allow you to play games online, as well as get your hands on a free copy of the DriveClub PS+ Edition.

It appears as though they’ll be giving out some PlayStation Plus with Killzone: Shadow Fall as well (it’s required for online play), with and both listing this new box art, which details that you’ll receive 7 days of PS+ in the box:


No other retailers are listing the box art with the free PS+, but it’s likely that the code will be included with all copies of Killzone: Shadow Fall, not just those at Amazon.



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