Grand Theft Auto V music now on iTunes

Rockstar Games releases The Music of Grand Theft Auto V across three separate albums for $10 each or together for $25.

Gamers looking to take the music from open-world game Grand Theft Auto V with them on the go are in luck, as Rockstar Games today released The Music of Grand Theft Auto V on iTunes.

The Music of Grand Theft Auto V is a trio of separate albums from the game. Each sells for $10 individually or as a full compilation for $25.

Volume 1: Original Music includes songs created specifically for the game from artists like Wavves, Twin Shadow and Tyler, and The Chain Gang of 1974.

GTAV was the first entry in the series to feature an original score. Gamers can now take it with them through Volume 2: The Score, which was composed in collaboration between Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson, and hip hop producers The Alchemist and Oh No.

For the purposes of Volume 2: The Score, Rockstar Games said the stems of the game’s interactive score were layered, mixed, and arranged into an album of songs by producer DJ Shadow.

Finally, Volume 3: The Soundtrack features a selection of songs spanning the game’s 17 in-game radio stations. Tracks from Bootsy Collins, Flying Lotus, Bob Seger, Jai Paul, Toro y Moi, and Waylon Jennings are included.

GTAV launched last week and generated $1 billion in global retail sales in three days, faster than any other entertainment property in history.




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