Jim Ryan: We’ll Have Some PS4 Bundles at Launch, “We’re Discussing” a PS4 & PS Vita Bundle


Jim Ryan, President and CEO of SCEE, has already spoken of how there will be Destiny PlayStation hardware bundles for the 2014 game, and he talked more about bundles, confirming to Edge that “We’ll have some [PS4] bundles at launch.”

They won’t just be regular price either, as Jim continued by saying, “They will be value added and they’ll be priced to provide a proper consumer saving but we’re not going to… I mean, giving stuff away, day one, at launch?” While he’s already called the Xbox One’s FIFA 14 promotion “odd,” Ryan now added, “I think every business looks at pre-orders and if you need to you dial stuff up to stimulate demand, and we’re not in a situation where we need to do that. We don’t yet have a fix on supply but matching supply to demand is going to be our challenge.”

Currently, only a Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 bundle with the PS4 system, two controllers, a copy of Killzone: Shadow Fall, and the PlayStation Camera has been listed by Amazon France for €499.99, so it remains to be seen if Jim is just referencing Europe for those bundles, or worldwide.

On the subject of a possible PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 bundle, Jim couldn’t confirm that it’s actually happening, just that “it’s the sort of thing we’re discussing.” He continued, “Clearly, finding ways for consumers to access both devices is a logical thing to do. Whether you put them together in a bundle, that’s one way of doing it. You might get a bit of a problem with the price, but there are a variety of ways and means to do that but it’s definitely something we’re talking about.”



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