Final Fantasy 14 download sales halted to accommodate server overload

If you’re looking to buy a downloadable copy of Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, your gil isn’t going to get you anywhere for the time being. Square Enix announced it’s temporarily halted download sales of the resurrected MMO because the game servers are overloaded, causing excessive wait times for those trying to get in. In a Facebook statement, Square Enix once more apologized for the inconvenience and said it’s working to get more servers online in “the coming days.”

Whether you look at it as an “overwhelmingly positive response,” to the PS3 and PC MMO, as Square Enix does, or grimly predictable given the struggles endured in the early access weekend – or both – the bottom line is A Realm Reborn is a really busy place right now. Think Gamescom, but cuter and less sweaty. For whatever reason, it seems Square Enix wasn’t ready for the numbers it’s dealing with.

Ahead of A Realm Reborn hopefully becoming readily available to all soon, be sure to check out the launch impressions of our sister site Massively, who said the revamped game “scoops up the MMO genre’s good elements and splices them together into one cohesive whole, and it does so while looking gorgeous and playing smoothly. When your MMO’s biggest issue is server-related rather than game-related, you’re doing fairly well overall.”


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