Shuhei Yoshida Thinks PS4′s Release Date is “Perfect,”

shuhei yoshida

As part of his very busy week at gamescom, Shuhei Yoshida, President of Worldwide Studios, was interview by Sid Shuman during the PS Blogcast this week, where he discussed the PlayStation 4 quite a bit.

With the PS4 release date set for November 15th in the US and Canada, with many other countries getting it on November 29th, Shuhei talked about how they didn’t “want the date to be too late,” while also adding that he thinks the timing is “perfect.”

While Fergal Gara said last week that Sony always knew it was going to be November, Shuhei shed some more light on that:

As far as we’re concerned, because we need a target date to develop our games, we always kept the beginning of November as our target for our launch titles to be able to prepare for. And November 15th gives us a little bit more time, you know that helps, so it’s a great early gift.

Showing off the PlayStation 4 UI to kick off the gamescom conference, Shuhei was an obvious choice to do the demo because “part of the showing of the PS4 UI was to be able to share your gameplay, like a screenshot, out of the game very quickly onto the Twitter,” and, as you may know, Shuhei has a lot of followers.

After mentioning how the PS Vita’s LiveArea helped to influence the PS4, he added, “Even before you touch anything, you can just highlight the game that you have on the system and most of the live information is sourced from the server and presented to you.”

Moving onto the Worldwide Studios teams and their thoughts on the PlayStation 4, Shuhei said:

The feedback from PS4 teams is very, very positive. We’ve never seen this quick turnaround of projects going from the prototype to the actual system.

It took months and months, when we look back when we were working on PS3 titles for the first time, the teams were not able to show games running on PS3 for a long time, but with PS4 it’s almost instantaneous when the teams are having the game up and running on PC, before the PS4 dev kit were available.

So, the teams are having a great time working on PS4 titles, and they can spend more focus on making their games great, rather than trying to figure how to use the hardware.




1 thought on “Shuhei Yoshida Thinks PS4′s Release Date is “Perfect,”

  1. Such a great blog! I am so happy that PS4 is in mid-November and on a Friday nonetheless. Get to enjoy the system all weekend!

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