Post-Apocalyptic Adventure Game: Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture Coming To PS4

British indie developer The Chinese Room will be bringing its post-apocalyptic adventure game Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture to PS4.

The Chinese Room is best known for its experimental indie hit Dear Esther, and is working on Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, a sequel to Frictional Games’ acclaimed survival horror title Amnesia: The Dark Descent. During its Gamescom press conference, Sony announced that The Chinese Room’s newest game, Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture will be coming to PS4.

Little is known about Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, other than that it’s an open-world first-person adventure game set during the apocalypse and will use CryEngine 3. While there’s no shortage of games set during the apocalypse, The Chinese Room’s penchant for creating unique and atmospheric first-person games has us eager to learn more about the project.

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