Emotions Run Wild In The Sims 4

The Sims 4

EA’s Sims come to life like never before in the upcoming simulation sequel, but their emotions could get the better of them.

During an EA pre-Gamescom press conference, the studio gave a new demo of the Sims 4. Building homes looks easier than ever in the Sims 4, since you can place rooms and pull on them to expand their size. Sims are also easier to design, since you can push and pull on their features to mold them like clay.

The demo continued as EA showed how the Sim’s emotions effect their daily lives. In the demo, two Sims were fighting for the affections of the same woman. Andre played a violin, which made Allie cry and then Allie used a voodoo doll to make Andrew angry. With their emotions running wild, both men had trouble winning over Sophie. EA also promised that this new “emotional” gameplay would have long-lasting effects on your Sim’s life.

One other big news announcement to come out of the show is the fact that the game will contain one Sim that is created by a Gamescom attendee who demos the game this week during the show. Stay tuned for further details about the game when we go deeper with it later this week.




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