GameStop used games legal complaint upheld

GameStop‘s motion to dismiss a class action lawsuit filed against it over its used games policy has been denied by a federal judge.

The complaint alleges that the retailer’s policy of withholding single-use downloadable content codes from second-hand purchases constitutes fraud, Polygon reports.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Wii U pre-order boxes up in GameStop in Ireland

District judge Robert Kugler sided with the three plaintiffs, stating that they believed “their pre-owned video games would include all of the content of a new video game”.

The customers took action against GameStop after discovering that purchasing a new game along with separate single-use DLC would cost them more than buying a new release at full price.

“DLC was not included with the purchase of pre-owned games, but did not reveal this fact to plaintiffs,” reads the complaint.

The plaintiffs are also accusing GameStop of misleading them with its claims that its used games program offers “value for customers”.

Ready at Dawn boss Ru Weerasuriya recently criticized used game outlets such as GameStop, claiming that they are taking advantage of customers and damaging the industry.

Microsoft’s controversial attempt to introduce DRM controls to its Xbox One games was partly intended to help developers profit from used game sales. It dropped the policy in the face of opposition from gamers and the industry.

3 thoughts on “GameStop used games legal complaint upheld

  1. This is ridiculous. This lawsuit shouldn’t even be happening. I agree with the consumer on one point, buying a pre-owned game with the dlc separate should be cheaper than buying the game new with the dlc inside. otherwise what is the incentive to buy pre-owned? Most dlc that comes with the game is often very cheap anyway.

    Pre-owned ,whether people like it or not, strengthens the industry. Companies like Gamestop have evidence of this as a majority of their customers who trade with them spend on new releases. As for the dlc not being in the box and not advertised as so – there are two solutions. Have a poster at the counter stating that the company is not responsible for missing dlc in their pre-owned games or just refund the customer if you have failed to explain this. Which is just good customer service and dissolves the situation. No service mistake should escalate to a lawsuit.

    Customers shouldn’t always expect to be informed of every detail to products they buy otherwise all customers would never leave the shop as the sales assistant would have to reel off every possible comeback or potential complaint that they MIGHT have about a game. The queue would build up and the customer would not want to hear all of that.

    I really hope they don’t win this case. Although I do hope it highlights any customer service issues or value issues Gamestop might have.

  2. “The customers took action against GameStop after discovering that purchasing a new game along with separate single-use DLC would cost them more than buying a new release at full price.” You have an error here =/ should say discover that purchasing a used game along with.

    This issue is really ridiculous, I’ll be writing another article on it after reading this. All of these people against the used market should just buy all their games new at walmart/TRU/target, etc. Nobody forces you to shop anywhere and buy things you don’t want. Just like no one forces you to trade in your games for values that you don’t want.

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