The Amazing Spider-Man on PlayStation Vita Outed by Amazon


If we were lesser men, we could have tried to put something hopeful in the title to this story like ‘Amazon France Outs a New Retail PlayStation Vita Game’, or if we weren’t as kind, something along the lines of ‘The PlayStation Vita is Getting a New Game…It’s a Port of a Port’.

No matter which way you look at this though, it isn’t very exciting news, with Amazon France outing The Amazing Spider-Man for PlayStation Vita. They give it a full price and October 30th release date (meaning North America might see it on October 29th), with a logical guess having the extra content found within the Wii U port being included in this port:

  • Stan Lee Adventure Pack
  • Lizard Rampage Pack
  • Rhino Challenge
  • Oscorp Search and Destroy Pack
  • New suits

We’ve reached out to Activision about The Amazing Spider-Man on PlayStation Vita and we’ll let you know if we hear anything back.



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