Phil Fish Calls “Fez II”, Game Industry Quits

Fez II canceled Following a heated Twitter exchange with GameTrailers’ Marcus Beer, Fez developer Phil Fish has cancelled Fez II and seemingly left the video game industry for good. The exchange took place after Beer repeatedly denigrated indie developers like Fish and Jonathan Blow on GameTrailers podcast “Invisible Walls”.

Beer called the developers “self-styled kings of the indie genre,” for their “bitching and moaning” over members of the press trying to get them to comment on Microsoft’s policies regarding indie game development on the Xbox One; Beer eventually called Fish a “fucking asshole,” among other things.

Fish then told Beer to look at his life’s accomplishments compared to Fish’s own and “kill yourself.” It escalated from there, culminating in Fish publicly announcing he was cancelling Fez II and leaving the game industry. “I’m done, Fez II is cancelled. Goodbye,” he tweeted earlier today, later confirming with several outlets his intentions.

While Fish could still be develop Fez II in secret without any media scrutiny, only time will tell how serious his threat is, especially considering the developer’s public reputation for the melodramatic. No word on what this might mean for Fez’ chance of coming to PSN or whether the Xbox release will still be patched. More as the story develops.



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