PS4 Launch Bundles Back On Top of Amazon Best Sellers After Restocking Earlier This Week


Early this week, replenished their stock of PS4 launch bundle pre-orders after initial demand dried up a supply that was said to be “unlimited“. But now that the PS4 is readily available through these launch day bundles like the Watch_Dogs PS4 Launch Bundle and the Battlefield 4 and PS Plus PS4 Launch Bundle, the PS4 is back on top of Amazon’s bestsellers list.

The two aforementioned PS4 launch bundles are respectively sitting in the first and second positions on the Amazon bestsellers list. Also in the top twenty, is the PS4 Standard Edition, and the Killzone: Shadow Fall and PS Plus PS4 Launch Bundle, as well as the DualShock 4. The Xbox One is nowhere in sight, sitting all the way down in the 39th position on the best sellers list.

While it’s easy to believe that the PS4 is indeed dominating the Xbox One, as Sebastian Moss noted, the Xbox One is selling out at most other retailers, and is also sold out on Amazon. Part of the reason the PS4 is enjoying such a lead there is due to the lack of Xbox One stock. That said, the PS4 was able to beat out the Xbox One when there was stock left on Amazon. Make of it what you will.



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