Xbox One does a 360′

So Microsoft has done an about face on it’s DRM decision to require an online check in as they so revealed at this years E3 conference.

Xbox One does a 360'

 As many have suggested and I tend to agree, they have bowed under pressure from Sony and thousands of gamers who have vented their frustration and anger at Microsost by going to sites like Amazon and Gamestop and pre-ordering their PS4’s in droves.
I guess what Microsoft understands most are numbers, and those numbers definately showed them that without even releasing their system yet, they were already losing the next gen war and losing many loyal fans in the process. Now I know it is all about money and Sony is no different, but when a company arrogantly shoves it’s policies in consumers faces, it is never good, just look at Adobe and the anger they have unleashed from users by making their Adobe CC subscription cloud the only way to use their software programs. Even now they are looking to see if they should change those policies. You see, we as a people and as consumers have the power, we just rarely use them or even think anyone will listen to us.

Going to Twitter, facebook or whatever social media outlet that tickles your fancy is not enough. Companies look at numbers. Money numbers, and that is where we can win, by not buying their products or going to the competiton and speaking out on social media sites and their own sites and tell them just why we are doing it. That scares them.

Xbox One does a 360'

I think the shift in their policy will win a few loyalists over but the overall damage is done and gamers will look at them in a different light, an untrusting one at that. Where Sony showed compassion to consumers and gamers and actually listened to us, Microsoft did not. It’s not the first time either, look at Windows 8. Even before it was released and after the fact, Microsoft kept telling consumers why “we” were wrong and they were right, again shoved in our faces. Look at what happened, sales fell not only on Win8 but on the entire PC industry and all blamed Microsoft and their arrogance. Companies do not listen to us, until they take hits where it counts most to them…NUMBERS. We have the power and we are learning how to use it.

I am a gamer and I own all systems so this is more about my anger to companies and developers who try to shovel their will down my throat, but guess what? It’s my money and you can have it when you give me what I want, not the other way around.

We  would love to listen to your opinions on this. Let us know what console you will be getting also and why.  I’ll admit I will get an Xbox One in the future, but for now, I already pre-ordered my PS4.



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