Bleszinski: AAA numbers don’t work with used and rental games around

While I agree that production costs are high with games in general, not only AAA games, I do not agree that the $60 model is crumbling. Technology is expensive yes, but why do developers constantly rely on scare tactics and attacking our rights not only as gamers but consumers as well to play, own and trade used games that we payed for with our hard earned dollar as we see fit? Well, I guess Apple, Ford, Dell and everyone else who can try to get away with this can jump on the bandwagon as well and try to stop us from selling and buying their products used. We must not permit this to happen. Riddle me this Batman…why are digital download full games just as expensive if we have thrown out the middle man and gotten rid of game manuals,boxes, transportation and brick and mortar costs?

Read below to see Cliffy B’s remarks:

Cliffy B says Sony is playing PR games with consumers


For many this week, Sony “won” E3 by announcing that the PlayStation would have no always-online DRM. According to tweets by former Epic Games designer Cliff Bleszinski, Sony is merely “playing on the internet outrage” to gain some free points with gamers. Bleszinski said that players’ expectations for AAA games have led to crazy budgets, which aren’t sustainable with used and rental games around.

“This is why you’re seeing free to play and microtransactions everywhere. The disc based day one $60 model is crumbling. The visual fidelity and feature sets we expect from games now come with sky high costs. Assassin’s Creed games are made by thousands of devs,” Bleszinski said in a seriesof tweets.

“You cannot have game and marketing budgets this high while also having used and rental games existing. The numbers do not work people,” he added. “I’d bet Sony has some similar stuff up their sleeves they’re just playing on the internet outrage for free PR. You’re all being played!”

Sony’s current stance has led to enthusiast consumers having a strong affinity for the PlayStation 4. If Bleszinski is right, just how bad would the backlash be?



1 thought on “Bleszinski: AAA numbers don’t work with used and rental games around

  1. Sour grapes, if you ask me. I disagree with Cliff’s statement that the online games are just as expensive. Sometimes yes, but then how does he explain the massive sales that the Steam network can put up day after day. Not just on indie titles, but of AAA titles.

    Digital may be the way of the future, and with that, the death of used games (from that generation onward), but games have ALWAYS carried a high price tag.

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