Yahoo acquires PlayerScale

Yahoo looks to build new gaming experiences with PlayerScale’s service

Yahoo acquires PlayerScale

In an open letter on the official PlayerScale site, chief executive officer Jesper Jensen announced the company’s acquisition by Yahoo. PlayerScale’s infrastructure software helps developers deploy titles across multiple casual, social and mobile platforms. The company’s software-as-a-service also features a full data analytics suite. The 14-person company boasts 150 million users across 4,000 titles.

“Our goal has always been to help developers build the best possible games, without having to worry about building and scaling the infrastructure required to operate today’s biggest successes. In working with the folks at Yahoo!, it has become clear that we share this passion,” wrote Jensen.

“In the last four months alone, we have increased our daily user growth rate by almost sixty percent. With Yahoo!’s backing, we can crank out awesome products and improvements to our platform faster than ever before. We will continue to support our existing product and deliver new services to help you grow and manage your success in cross-platform gaming – whether it’s casual, social or mobile.”

Yahoo has told TechCrunch that 7 people made the transition over and the PlayerScale platform will remain after acquisition. PlayerScale currently supports Flash, Unity 3D, C++, .Net, Android (JAVA), IOS (Objective-C) and HTML5.



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