EA About to Hold PS4 Conference, Mostly For Investors

While EA were obviously confirmed to be developing titles for the PS4, they were noticeably absent from the PlayStation meeting itself, failing to announce any games or at least say how much they love the device.

That may all change in just under 2 minutes, as EA has Tweeted:

Tune in @ 1:20pm PT to hear our CTO Rajat Taneja talk about the #PS4 at @MorganStanley’s Tech, Media, & Telecom Conf.http://bit.ly/XEfciB

1:20pm PT/4:20pm EST is in less than 2 minutes, so either tune in or stick to PSLS for any PS4 news. It will be an audio only webcast, so don’t expect to see anything actually in the presentation, but things may be announced.



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