PSN Getting Series of Downloadable Retro Arcade Games From Capcom

PlayStation 3 has been getting some retro games love lately and it is not about to end: Capcom announced today that the PSN will be gettingCapcom Arcade Cabinet: Retro Game Collection.

The Arcade Cabinet: Retro Game Collection will mostly focus on 1980s Capcom games which were released for the arcade. The release of this collection is the company’s way to celebrate its 30th anniversary on June 11th, 2o13.

The only game that is announced to be a part of this collection so far isBlack Tiger, a fantasy-themed side-scroller released in 1987. When asked about other titles that will be in the collection, producer Kenji Kataoka said “I can’t go into details on titles yet, but we’re definitely focusing on the games that came out earlier on in our history. These are completely faithful reproductions, too. You used to have arcade games ported to the NES and such and wind up being completely different titles on that platform, but that’s not the case here. Even if there were bugs in the original, we’ve kept them in there if we felt we needed to in order to retain the original feel of the game.”

However, Kenji didn’t rule out implementing various tweaks to the games featured in the collection, “for example, you can adjust the strength of your attacks, the range of collision detection, and so forth. This allows you to engage in training, and we’ve got support for turbo buttons and arcade sticks as well. I was able to use these functions to reach the ending on pretty much all of the games [we have planned], so they’re great for people who were annoyed they couldn’t beat them back then. For people [who don’t want changes], it’s set up so all additional functions can be turned on and off.”

Regarding the distribution of Capcom Arcade Cabinet: Retro Game Collection, Kenji said: “we’ll be releasing a free starter pack of sorts that lets you play one title to the end, We’re still debating how we’ll distribute the other titles, but one plan we have in mind is to have packs of multiple games available for really surprisingly cheap prices. I think we’ll have the demo out before too long, and we’re setting up the distribution schedule for the rest of the games such that we’ll be keeping players entertained for a while to come.”

Capcom will make full announcement of Capcom Arcade Cabinet: Retro Game Collection on February 7th.


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