The Walking Dead Episode 1 Is Free On iOS …for a limited time only.

Telltale Games revealed a gift for iOS fans who haven’t yet tried out their game adaptation of The Walking Dead: Episode 1. The game is free ‘for a limited time’ – this was available since the 18th but I just checked and is still free as of this posting. I have downloaded and played episodes 1 through 3 so far on PS3 and it is awesome, so I really encourage those that have not had the opportunity to play this to at least check it out, hey, its free! This episode starts off a five-part series that’s been gaining more and more accolades (including the VGAs’ Game of the Year award) as 2012 comes to an end. The iOS version of Episode 1 takes up 331 MB of space, and will run on iPhone 4, iPad 2, and newer devices.

If you like what you see in Episode 1, the other episodes are available as in-app purchases for $5 each, or $15 for all four as a pack. I included the link below. Enjoy the Zombie slaying people 🙂

The Walking Dead: Episode 1 [iTunes Link]

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