Rumor: Ubisoft Looking to Purchase THQ’s Studios and IPs

If a new report proves to be true, Ubisoft is looking to bid on THQ‘s stable of top-notch development studios and their franchises.

Inside sources have told MCV that the mega-publisher is currently eyeing five of THQ’s studios as well as a number of the publisher’s intellectual properties, not the least of which include Saints Row, Darksiders, Company of Heroes, Red Faction, Homefront and WWE.

The report goes on to suggest that while Ubisoft is currently in negotiations with THQ, the company is waiting for the struggling publisher to be forced to sell off its studios at a much cheaper price. Mind you, this is all merely rumor for the time being, but if/when Ubisoft decides to make a move, you can be sure we here at PlayStation LifeStyle will keep you updated on all the details.

What do you think about this potential purchase? Would these franchises be better served under Ubisoft’s wing? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Source: psls

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