He-Man Gets A Visit From She-Ra


A couple of weeks ago I was totally blown away by the awesome hack & slash game on iPad, He-Man The most Powerful Game in the Universe. After beating Beastman, Merman, Hordak, Skeletor and more nasty fiends I’ve completed the game and unlocked everything there was. What was I to do next? Don’t worry He-Man fans!

The lads and ladies at Chillingo had an awesome surprise this week with a special update for He-Man’s manly videogame. Princess Adora has joined the ranks and is ready to kick villain butt as the voluptuous She-Ra. Princess Adora was abducted as a child and brainwashed to become one of Hordak’s many henchmen. Good thing she chose the light instead of the darkness.

Watch the announcement trailer:


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